New ability for convicts (restore health)

It does this:
Gives you corruption as one down.
Restores your health to your new max hp.

Plain and simple. You can do with it anything you want. Give it to a new class or all clases. Make cooldown for it or trigger. Take the idea.
My version - give it to everybody to reset their helth status between fights. Call “second wind” or “for the Emperor!”. Forbid its use if your hp is already maxed out and give it 10-20 seconds cooldown.
It’s annoing to reset health now - you should find enemy and give it to hit you on your knees. This ability will fix that and will be very cool to use in a fight. Clutches gone be much intresting.

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Commissar’s rally

Also the ability to just kill myself when I get stuck instead of having to alt+f4 and potentially losing a run because I can’t reconnect

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Ok. Here goes nothing - gonna up every day as long as I can… Today is the 1-st day. Hope I’ll find strength.

Today is the second day. New system of skill is great, but my idea nothere to be seen.

Nopt entirely sure what you mean by this:

Do you mean, you push the button to get 1 wound worth of corruption, but heal your white bar back to full?
Basically like instantly downing and reviving yourself?



Yes. That was the idea. It’s simple is that. And it is great as that. And I see no flaw in this idea. And that’s why I bump it up. I think that write same idea again and again is even worse. But if I should do this instead of “necroposts” than… I guess I’ll do it. People see bad ideas, discuss em, and that’s why good idea is never seen. No one can say anything bad about it. And it’s simple - nothing to discuss.

Sadly - I don’t know how to bring my idea to farshark…

Is this crusade forsaken? Who knows…

Someday… games will be flawless…

Funny thing - fatshark implemented “for the Emeror!” cheer, but with no effect. Sadly - you can’t scream all at once. You must wait till it’s your turn to warcry. What a shame…

@GADver please do not necro threads! If you would like to discuss this topic then please raise a new thread on the matter.