The red prisoner garb

small gripe but i like the base prisoner garb but wanna use the psyker hood and hate how the two reds dont match. i just kinda want the red prisoner garb to have its color darkened to imperium red so it will match cause besides that it looks cool combine together…

Are you sure to be in the correct part of the forum?

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XD i am and for better or worse this is just a little thing i wanted to say incase enough at fatshark at least agree and it can happen. why not say somethin you feel will improve the game as opposed to sitting around being unsatisfied. even if noone at fatshark reads this than oh well, at least its out there and i dont have to feel bad for saying nothing.

Ah no, that’s not what I meant ^^’

It just sounds like you wanted to post in the Darktide section while this is the Vermintide section. The developers will read it anyway. But it might confuse some people.


I like the prisoner garb on Bardin.

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Does anyone know what Bardin was convicted of and how long he spent time in prison?

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Convicted of spilling beer during the final quiet drink barfight, the sentence lasts until he can wash it out of his clothes.

By order of her Majesty the Queen Kerillian.

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Attempted murder on Rasknitt, the grey seer in V1 of course. That’s why the U5 started V2 in prison.

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