Ideas about red-tier items, weapon skills boost and health bars

Hello. Regarding the latest dev blog, it’s good to hear that there’s been some progress on item modifications! Not too big, since a complete removal of the locks is not promised (and I understand why). However, seizing the opportunity, I want to share a couple of my ideas on this topic. Perhaps someone somewhere already suggested this, but now seems like a good time to say it again.

Red tier.
Since each parameter’s max is now 80%, I suspect there’s some future plans hidden here. And I suggest some kind of super-holy crafting ritual where the player can change all 4 weapon stats (which are permanently locked after that), and each parameter gains +20% value. To compensate, it must cost a LOT of money and resources + have a real time limiter of a week or so to repeat this with any next item / or certain number of completed missions. What will make getting such a weapon an important point, increasing its value besides the “color” only.

Skills boost
Again, with regards to the limiter of 80% of the parameters. Let it be not a static value, but an adaptive one. The more a character handles this weapon, the better understands it and knows how to control it to surpass the limits. After each mission, it would be nice to add +1-2% to a random parameter (let’s say no more than 50 times, so each bar can be improved by +10% maximum). It seems to be a trifle, but attractive, making weapons more personal.

Health bar
In dialogue, characters sometimes mention the condition and care of their weapons. Although I know this can be annoying, why not introduce something like this for real? Let each weapon have a “health bar” and wear out gradually, and the higher the tier, the greater it is. After the loss of all health, the tier drops by one with the loss of a random stat. It is not necessary to make it strict, let the “orange” weapon be able to withstand 50-100 missions. But I think it’s influences the players to have more weapons, and saving the best for the hardest missions, while using the less valuable alternatives for simpler ones. I’m sure now everyone always uses the same thing, the best at the moment (while almost all the gifts of the emperor are sent for disassembly or sale).



There’s gonna be a lot of ideas for a better weapon acquisition system but it’s going to be hard to please everyone.

Personally I would emulate monster hunter a bit: Make bosses drop rare RNG crafting materials. This would front load the RNG instead of back load it, which will feel a f*ck ton better to play. “Oh I got this thrice blessed hallowed glowing gold wax purity seal in a big sparkly drop that makes my dopamine go fizz!” That can then be used to change a weapon. The purity seal would then be used up with the change so you then need to find another one. Perhaps there could be different seals for tiers of perks and blessings, a t4 perk purity seal changer would be pretty satisfying to get for example. Harder missions drop better purity seals.

If they expand each weapon to have 3 blessings and 3 perks for red tier then that is a solid game loop imo.

I would also make it so that you can find crafting materials for sights and flashlights that you can make.

As a general rule, the more customisation a weapon gets the more a player will like that weapon.

I would like this a lot more than the current system, the only problem, is that I have no idea how popular this system would be with others. Does that front loaded rng materials drop style of crafting sound good to everyone else? I don’t know.

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New mission type, call it a pilgrimage. Imagine ascension risers box you have to carry to dropship. Pilgrimage is that but for the whole mission.

Pilgrimage could be a special condition/have extra difficulties added/even costs something to queue up (giving diamantine a use)

Completion nets you a new currency item you can use to upgrade to reds and unlock perks and blessings on reds. Bit more of an endgame challenge to get the top gear, then they can keep the locks for anything lower incentivising harder difficulty runs/challenges to get to the perfect stuff.

Drop rates based on difficulty/condition modifiers/grims/tomes, etc.

i have a better idea, create a awesome map, but make it only avalable once, around 1am, for an hour and completing it gives you one archeotech wich allows for you to upgrade one item, but wait there are T5 blessings, including the shite ones, so you totally can brick your red item.

but then you can pay 39,99 to get a map pack, wich happens to include the awesome super duper upgrade map, so you ain’t buying power technically, you only get acess to a map hooray

this way only real chads get best gear, and the filthy casuals are all excluded

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