Idea for a higher Tier Weapon (weapons only)

Since a lot of high players have had an influx of charms and trinkets of the red tier, and some lower players have achieved the famed ‘red’ weapons through commendation chests, I had an idea for a higher tier weapons.
At the cost of quite a bit of green/blue/orange dust and 3 red items, one could craft a purple tier weapon which gives a custom colour to the glow as opposed to blue, a slightly higher buff to the stats, only slightly, and any trait. I think this would give those players who are like 500+ hurs already a little bit extra to make those red trinkets not such a disappointment to open. Once your slots are filled, getting like 12 red necklaces iinsteads of a weapon is an annoyance. I think the idea of a custom colour, or perhaps just one of a selection of custom colour glows would be really cool and give the champion/legend elites and those REALLY dedicated vets something else to aim for aside of the challenges. Perhaps even give the player the opportunity to name it? just a thought :slight_smile:


I like the sounds of that.

While I am not sold on “better stats”, I think a new tier of item could bring something refreshing and rewarding to the table. What I would like to see is truly weapon-specific traits, like a selection of maybe 3 different traits that, say, only apply to a specific weapon. E.g., the grudge raker could have a selection between 50% higher magazine capacity, or the butt-stroke dealing additional damage, or both chambers unloading at the same time.

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This topic has been covered many times, with mixed opinions. I always thought it would be cool if you could imbue reds through some grindy mechanics that would say, give weapons a proc to increase hero power for a few seconds. I don’t think many people want increased overall stats, because it would become a balancing nightmare. But a simple proc would be cool, and not game breaking.

For example; critical strikes have a 25% chance of increasing hero power by 10% for 5 seconds. Something along those lines.

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Can I just have Ursula back please?

Yeah I’m fine with subtle overall 1-2% benefits. This is in line with what most MMOs do, where the very bestest most wet-dreamiest and hardest to get gear is only slightly better than the 2nd best gear is only slightly better than the 3rd best gear. Considering the “epic,” stupid grind in VT2 this would be appropriate. If they did that, it would make the grind actually meaningful and give the game proper, non-bs longevity that’s not based on fricken RNG.