Gems / Enchantments?

Ok. Weapon customization is… lacking. That much I think everyone who’s a regular Legend player will know. The weapon properties either increase your chance to do something or just straight BUFF. There’s straight a power buff for freaking everything, and it’s kind of underwhelming and doesn’t leave a lot to builds other than very basic “Attack speed”, “Crit build”, “Defense” Yatta yatta yatta. Very basic tier 1 rpg stuff.
I was thinking and wouldn’t it be cool if we had “Gems” or “Tombs” that you could apply to a weapon to do add bonus effects. Like red weapons could have 3 slots, gold 2, and blue 1. (Or red 2 and gold 1 because balance for early game). I was thinking buffs like

  • Heavy critical attacks apply burn damage, Cleave is reduced by X (Because they’d give a positive and negative effect)
  • Light attacks apply bleed, power is reduced by X%
  • Blocked enemies attack X% slower, damage resistance reduced by X%
  • X% chance to fire multiple shots, Reload speed decreased by X%
  • Increase ultimate power by 20% , reduce weapon power by X%

Then you could have different types of Gems / Tombs that you can’t stack togther, like you can only have 1 green gem and 1 red gem so you can’t stack effects like burn and poison.

You’d get these gems via Deeds (Y’know so there’s actually a game progressing reason to use the bloody things rather than more ridiculous loot box that probably hold 3 blues.)

Anyway I thought maybe it was a cool idea, probably doesn’t belong in feedback but this topic is just as much about how bland I feel character progression and build customization.

Thought’s down below :slight_smile:


i would love to Enchant my great-axe with fire or bleed damage great idea.


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