Nerf the frickin chaos spawn just a bit

Makes the game feel like a chore to fight that “mini” boss. It is harder than Naglfahr BY FAR, for some unkown to me reason? At least you nerfed the troll, as he was literally the word for crab in latin. Im so tempted to go play WH:V1 just because of that “mini” boss. Im pissed off.

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the caos spawn is too strong, i confirm, on recuirt with players at level >5 it felt like we dealt no damage and on veteran (the difficulty at which i am playing) the moving 4 attacks combo deal over your block, at least make it easier to interrupt the head munching attack apart from heroic abilities

You just need to learn the attack patterns, it’s extremely easy.
1- parry his 3 erratic fast attacks while moving backwards.
2- dodge backwards his grab
3-do a charged attack on the head while he recovers from the failed grab
4-parry his 3 erratic fast attacks…etcetc


I agree, its really easy. You can kite it clockwise in circles over and over again, that way you have even less chance of getting hit from the tentacle, also its blocked hits are not draining much stamina(and 100% blockable)unlike the trolls…

I think just decreasing the amount of health it gains from eating would nerf it enough. Edit: Or maybe adding more ways to stop the spawn from eating your allies.

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Abysswalker nailed it on the head, you want to circle clockwise to dodge the boss. Def, don’t want to walk backwards all the time, you’ll run out of room for that. Another thing, when you dodge his swing, you can do a quick 180 to see what’s behind you if you want to dodge backwards and proceed to do so. It’s a bit of a workout but it works.

1-save some stuns to get his healing to stop. I.e granades, kruber charge, sienna pyro ult
2- you can pop strength/speed pots to take aggro off your teammate
3- if you hear the boss from the sound, take those 10 seconds to re position yourself and your team. That is if you dont drop down and he spawns.

Chaos Spawn does possess one or two unblockable attacks. I can’t recall whether the knockback does damage if you block it, but his overhead attack with his hand (not his tentacle) will bypass block and deal a significant amount of damage.

I agree with @Seananman. The heal makes this fight immensely tedious, especially when it just boils down to repeating the same dodge pattern over and over.

Im talking about it not being fun, like the stormfiend fx. I dont find any enjoyment in fighting it. The heal, the grab, the annoying spawn places like inside the barracks where you have 10m to move around.

Read my other replies, if you follow those tactics it wont heal at all…
Also i wasnt sure if all of its attacks are blockable, without losing hp, but since i do what i commented before, i dont get damaged from its blocked quick attacks.

The main problem with bosses right now is where they spawn on a lot of the maps not really the boss.

I think people having trouble with the Chaos Spawn are likely the people playing often with bots. Bots are bad at interrupting heal, bad at pumping out damage when opportunity strikes, and especially bad at avoiding the grab.

I played a game on Veteran once with only bots in which we ran into a Chaos Spawn about halfway through the map. I spent, no exaggeration, at least 10 minutes, probably around 20, fighting that spawn alone. All the bots died, I moved on and rescued them while still fighting the spawn, and they all died again. I died eventually. They continually fed it health… I probably should have just fought it alone.

By the end each bot had over 1000 damage dealt to the boss, I had around 2000. It was ridiculous. Wish I had taken a screenshot.

I know the game is meant to be played with others… but I do like playing with bots when my friends aren’t joining, as it allows me to progress at my own pace. Due to that, on Veteran or higher Chaos Spawn is (almost always, sometimes I have a lot of bombs) a run ender.

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