Chaos Spawn

I neither advocate for nor argue against the chaos spawn in its current guise.

But I’m wondering what the view is from the bench on how the CS compares against the other monstrosities?

I think it’s a far tougher challenge.


It’s speed and mobility makes it more challenging.

I’ve never been able to outrun it.


Definitely the most dangerous out of the three regular monsters, because it is fast and jumpy.
Especially difficult as last man standing.

The grab is too hard and too inconsistent to dodge.


it made me bring the clubs and shovel back out, since a pub that doesn’t know how to dodge quickly gets ran over by this boss. Not a fan of the current design, some weapons are effortless in dodging it, other ones are a pain + they have no real opportunities to hit back while its all over your face. plus like always Veterans are privileged over all against it, especially if one hits it with a grenade, then chains the rest of his supply staggering it.

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I like everything but the grab inconsistency. It’s mistimed from grab animation to actual grab hit trigger and the radius is gigantic.
Apparently, Nurgle is in excess supply of old magnets and had to clear inventory.

The general hectic design is good and it gets absolutely ridiculous when you play Auric missions with the boss spawn feature for specialists killed. 2 Chaos Spawn will end most runs.
They’re mostly unclutchable, too. But I like it. VT1 and VT2 always suffered from having very easily defeated bosses when it came to the smack-dodge-smack-dodge dance. Glad to see a monster beating that design trope.


Yup. Only problem with it is that grab. All attacks should be dodged based on the animation on screen, not some arbitrary invisible timing.

The same thing works with attacking. For example, the Bulwark is a terrible enemy. It’s not particularly hard, and it doesn’t take much time to realize how its shield works, but game mechanics should match the visuals. If Fatshark wants the Bulwark shield to wrap around most of the Bulwark, they should have made the model to look like that.

If the excuse is that would look dumb, that means the idea IS dumb but they don’t want it to look that way, which is…cowardice.


Seen an Ogryn permastunning one with a shovel heavy+slap combo. Was a pretty funny sight.


I’m trying to spread that knowledge around. One of my favorite content creators for this game tried to claim it was a myth that the clubs could do it at all. Its totally possible, the window is just shorter than with the shovel. But that’s club life, you work harder.


As a vet main that prefers using anything other than plasma or bolter I h8 the f***ing thing with every fibre of my being. Thank god I know how to dodge and block though. I can only pray that my team remembers to shoot the damn thing.

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Every boss should be solo-able. Not that it should be easy mind you, but in the absence of many other simultaneous threats you should be able to clutch through a boss if you’re good.

Solo’ing the spawn is nearly impossible. And for comparison I feel really comfortable soling the spawn in VT2. But in DARKTIDE it’s like all of its movements are going 50% faster, so there is hardly any room to counter attack. Add to this that its grab attack is nearly impossible to dodge consistently AND it grabs you from way too far out. You can’t reliably bait it into a grab or slam pattern either where you could attack back, like in VT2.

You just have to kite it if it aggros you, Hope you team can damage it, and when you get grabbed, hope they can ult it or grenade stun ot to drop you.


Spawn’s got very hectic movement which wouldn’t be so bad if the damn hit registration wasn’t so ass.


In my experience that’s latency shenanigans. Otherwise it’s actually relatively easy to dodge the grab, it tends to telegraph it before it goes for you.

Not a huge fan. I think every boss should be soloable by all classes, assuming the person can dedicate some focus to it. Spawns don’t leave any significant openings to attack them when they’re chasing you, so if you don’t have at least 3 people alive (and nothing else going on), it’s usually a run-ender on the auric board.

I can deal with the frequent, random aggro changes and the near-impossibility of getting any distance from it if it wants to chase you - That should probably the boss’ defining feature IMO.
It’s combining the above with the Daemonhosts’ “no fun allowed” style of just wailing on you with almost no possibility to hit back; That’s why I don’t like spawns.


See I think Vet has the easiest time against this boss. I run max grenade regen on all loadouts, you can never have enough presents from the guard, and with bleed nades in tow I can do almost 50% damage to it with my regular set up. I toss a grenade at my feet and push up to it with block so it staggers, then chain the rest of my grenades. On my last one I press F and hit it with a couple Lucius shots to the face.

Ogryn if you miss that stagger set up and it escapes well you’re back in the same boat watching punies get smashed and eaten.

I’ve seen few videos of people soloing the spawn and honestly its seems completely doable with every class once you get the hang of it. I haven’t had too much time to practice yet after my recent hiatus so no idea how practical it actually is.

That grab does seem to be bit mistimed or just extremely laggy. Combined with my v2 reflex to dodge spawn grabs in a certain way … well its going to take a bit to unlearn that habit.
Grab itself is actually really well telegraphed attack compared to the v2 counterpart so the issue should not be in that front.

Overall I don’t have issues with how the boss works. I personally hate how simple ogryn for instance is to solo once you understand it and don’t get me even started on the slug where only thing it literally needs is 1 well timed dodge.

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Cash’s video seemed to demonstrate it did not work. If you could post a video to the contrary we would all benefit.

I love it. Its by far the most challenging and is more of a team check. Its very hard to solo, but i have done it. Thanks to its leap its not just solveable with ranged either the way the Beast is.

I know about nades and bleed, but having to 1v1it still sucks though, lol. Especially when I’m running my deadshot build instead of my grenadier and I’m wheezing like I have pneumonia the entire fight.

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Because the stagger setup on all bosses is a big brain analysis of the current move they’re doing, various ones have greater susceptibility to staggers. You can’t just slap/punch willy nilly like you can with elites and specials. I’m also pretty sure that if you are the target of the spawn’s aggro your slaps are weaker outside of the chain. I have yet to determine the actual set up for staggering Daemonhost, though I have stumbled it with the slap/punch before.

Punch beast while its puking in the weak spot, but this only works in the first couple frames of it spewing.

Plague Ogryn’s 3 hit combo can be disrupted, his dash even before it starts, and one of his single target attacks can’t remember. I think I have another clip of me bullying a Plague Ogryn while a group of vets annihilate it canon guard style from behind safety, if you’d like to see more. This is peak of ogryn skill development imo, toss those knives and run Rumbler.


The biggest thing to remember with the spawn is that every attack apart from the grab is blockable. It has no attacks that pierce block. In this way, it is much more like the minotaur of VT2 than the old chaos spawn. It hits fast and deals a lot of damage but with decent stamina or block efficiency it can be kited very easily. At least until it grabs you.

All they really need to do is fix that grab hitbox and they’d be perfect.

The main reason that people go down to them that I have seen is a failure to block. Vets who forget that their camo doesn’t work on monsters or whatever, I don’t know, but they just try to shoot it point blank and get annihilated. And that is fine; that’s the way they should be.

Be Ogryn with shovel, shovel punch is da best punch