Need more mutator variety on the Auric mission board

I don’t mind playing High-Shock, but I get tired of it when I have to play it all day and it seems to make up a constant 75% of all auric missions. I’d like to see more variety in the selection, this could be accomplished in several ways:

  1. Increase the number of missions offered from 9 to 12
  2. Reduce the mission refresh timer to 20 minutes.
  3. Add more sniper gauntlet and hounds
  4. Add more “plain” high intensity missions to the rotation, with or without environmental modifiers like power outage.
  5. Take some of the new mutators from maelstrom missions and port them over to regular missions, like Mark of Nurgle or Minibosses.
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As i understood it, most players absolutely do not like those two.
At least most of those who voiced their opinions.

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I hate sniper and hounds and I hated elite resistance. I agree we need more modes but I don’t want to see those two show up more than occasionally. That being said there’s enough on the board that I don’t have to worry so much anymore that I’ll miss out on something i want to play.

I personally like sniper gauntlet because it gets so dumb sometimes it’s fun. To me it gets very stressful which is cool.

I really dislike dogs. Dogs are annoying, not stressful/inconvenient. The only time I’ve ever wiped from dogs modifier is if it happened during a boss spawn or a massive wave/patrol of elites.

Dogs is the one mod I actively despise because of the type of gameplay it forces. Yeah its cool sitting in that corner smacking dogs for the first 10 times but it gets really old afterwards and more of an speedbump than anything else.
You really need it to combine it with something like mutant waves to get anything out of it, and in those scenarios it is extremely wipe inducing combination for most pubbies, which I doubt too many enjoy.

More mods are definitely welcome.

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The endless hordes modifier needs to come back for this board. Pair it with Monstrous Specials.

Also a condition that increases the number of elites, please. At least only bolter veterans can destroy all manner of those enemies, not like the specialist waves that get murdered in seconds by an auto pistol.

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On auric dogs come with hordes/special waves pretty often, which adds some chaos and stress. Not a popular opinion probably, but i like dogs condition.

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Yes please.
Players need to learn to move forward while fighting.
It seems that many will only learn to do this, when the enemies actually never stop spawning.