Mysterious room (1.6)

Newly opened room in the keep (above where you spawn in)

Might be for the anniversary, or something else?


Something gets added on the anniversary (as the beta is preparing for that), very likely, but that’s curious nonetheless.


New character room? One can hope…


One can hope, but it’s pretty unlikely :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re already giving us so much… if they strapped in a new character, I’d fear for the quality of the Beastmen release. Needless to say, I’m interested in this…

… room, you speak of.

There is a picture frame in there as well, it will be nice to get more around the keep

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I personally don’t think a new character being added is likely, but I consider it within the realm of possibility. This could be related to that - either way, I think it’ll be something interesting!

Aside from the cost of voice acting, I do wonder if adding a new character would be nearly as much work as developing a whole new enemy faction; the tools for creating characters exist already - they essentially made 15 characters for the base game. I would wonder if a new character could maybe be released with one career, with more coming soon after until it has three. Just a thought I had.

I have a feeling that 1 character, despite the voice-acting, costs less to develop and produce than a faction, but I certainly can’t say for sure… I don’t exactly know what a good voice-actor goes for nowadays and I can’t say I’ve ever researched it.

If they did develop a new character, I have a feeling they might announce it as they pull the careers together, but I have doubts about whether or not they would release them in stages.

Then again, I know little of the world other than my own ego… lumberfoots.

i think it is likely in game shop for cosmetics

if i remember correctly, there will be token which is rewarded after clearing weekly mutatotor

so we gonna get some tokens to buy cosmetic at keep

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Oh ya, I forgot about that, what was it called, Lohners emporium of wonders or something like that?

Wait, what? Did I miss something here? Shop? Coins?

I think it was the stream Marton and Tim did on friday where they talked about Winds of Magic and Lohners Emporium of Wonders(I think thats what its called)

This might be it

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Yep, and while more info didn’t come today, more mentions did. Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders is an upcoming update where you can actually start working towards specific cosmetics. At least for now the design is for it to work though currency gained from playing the Mutators.

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I guess that makes sense; it’s following in the footsteps of Vermintide 1 with the progression of ‘quests’ towards set gear that you can earn. I’m sure the system will have changed, but that’s still a cool concept.

Can’t wait to dig into it!

Cousin Okri? :thinking:

They did actually mention Okri on stream. Something about sending him invites but that he hasn’t shown interest so far.

Wut really? Me dawi needs us

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