Mysterious new door i keep

Now it’s covered with leaves and so on, but when the summer event will end door will open or just remain closed down with something else?

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I’m hoping it’s a new characters room xD 6th character please fatshark lol

Where is this new door?

Here’s the location. You can get up close and somewhat peak inside.

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Thanks :blush:

I’m quite sure this door isnt new…just covered now

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There’s a wanted poster to the left of the room door. If you turn down your graphics to low, you can see inside a bit better. Seems to an alter or something and shelves on the other side. There’s a hole in the ground that goes down to the gate of shadows.

It was already discussed in this Forum and on Reddit as well, it is the Trohpy Room.

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Can I get some links pl0x <3

There are multiple

Edit: Its always good to keep an Eye on both Forums.

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The Picture reminds me, some people were right with the guess our first DLC would be Bogenhafen :smiley: .

Thank you very much <3 I don’t use reddit, so I would of never seen this xD I haven’t seen any threads here on this forum about it though?

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