My only (nit-picky) concern about Darktide


Judging from the trailers and the videos available on the Dev-blog, Darktide’s gameplay looks very good and I’m really excited! However, there is this one detail that is bothering me. A detail of the holosight.

The thing is, the reticle visible through the holosight should be visible farther away, not closer to the lens. Otherwise, it looks very cheap, as most FPS games did in the early 2000s.

Even in the mid-2010s, there were many games that made such mistakes, like Insurgency(2014) and Killing Floor 2. Every time I saw those games I was disappointed and felt like immersion was ruined. Most FPS I’ve played recently has rendered this detail correctly(CoD: MW, BF2042, Ready or Not, World War 3, Back 4 Blood, Ground Branch, etc. The Division 1&2 done this correctly too, even though the player cannot actually aim through holosight or red dot sight because The Division is TPS not FPS), which makes this mistake seem even more cheap and lazy.

I do know this truly is nit-picky and insignificant detail, but this is my only (but biggest at the same time) concern I currently have. I’m not a programmer or engineer so I can’t imagine how hard it is to implement such thing, but I hope you will consider this.

Thank you.

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to add to that i have to mention that the shape of the red dot (the dot itself not the casing) is wierdly modern day. (also red color with an red beam seems to be a bad coice to keep clearance of your target)

now looking at it the stubbers and lasrifle seem to have picatinny rails
im not aware where and when the lasgun first apears in the lore but im more than certain that an idea from around the 1980 to make weapons modular, wich already is loosing favor for different systems would still be around in 38000 years.

very odd, but atleast its not as in your face as it was in hiredgun

Prove it’s “holosight” and not just a reddot.

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