No bullet/laser holes on model bodies? Why?

Hello Fatshark! First of all, I want to express my gratitude to you for turning my (and for sure not just my) dreams into reality. You are really about to release a Warhammer 40,000 shooter and for tens of thousands of fans this is literally new hope! Big thank to you.
To the point. Watching the gameplay trailer was a bit scary, history teach the community that it is very difficult to create a game in the Warhammer universe and will not fail. Judging by the trailer, everything is very good for you, just like i hope. But, there is one thing that makes any shooter much better, thing that developers either do not notice or cannot implement for some reason and that thing - bullet holes on model bodies. This is the only thing that I did not understand for myself after wathing gameplay trailer. I mean, where are they? It’s a small thing, but when the game (darktide) looks so good, both in general and in detail(!), this moment immediately catches the eye. Pretty discourage, like an instantly disappearing arrow after hitting some game model, darktide looks too good for things like that.
Sure I’m not the only one who wondering. Will we have bullet/laser holes on bodies on release? And if not, why?
For me personally, shooter immediately gets +3 points out of 10 if it displays projectile damage on enemy’s bodies. Remember shooter games with bullet holes on model bodies, and imagine that they are not. Visually, the game will get much worse, objectively.


It is a pre-alpha trailer. I know there has been some work on model damage, I saw a prototype for it some time ago. Hopefully it works and makes it in. No promises of course but efforts are being made :slight_smile: and it looked gross.


I like the response - but I think bulletholes (especially accurate ones) could be a performance sink
So…I think this should be an optional feature (but generally some visible feedback for damage would be very cool)

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And can you clarify about laser weapon had a recoil in trailer? Same thing? Because it is gonna be strange to see such misconception on release =)

Lasgun can have recoil in the lore, it’s not necessarily a misconception

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I can’t speak to the specifics of our lasguns at the moment but it’s, as @Arthadaw suggest, not an alien concept to the weapon. There’s no one singular lasgun, and more variants than I or anyone could really list.


Ok, thanks for clarifying.

Thank you very much for answer. Now I am ready to serve the Emperor for at least 200 hours for the glory of Holy Terra and the Imperium :slightly_smiling_face:
All sounds nice

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The Emperor is served until the end of your worthless life or not at all.

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