Lasgun recoil

As far as I know, there is no recoil for lasguns. And I know that we all have some sort of stereotype about recoils but lasgun is not a firearm. At your discord server, you tell that the game at an early stage of development - so it’s not too late to correct it.


Depending on the edition/source it did have recoil, and can easily be explained:

  1. Lasgun have a capacitor battery to power the laser shot which usually are accompanied by Solenoid (electro-magnet) to compensate the power usage
    When the Capacitor and the Solenoid charge and discharge it can cause a kick due to the magnetic interference (Usually happen because the element move against the shell of the emplacement)

2.Electronic element generate heat, higher the Power usage, higher the Heat generated, If you generate a High amount of Heat and you will create a heat explosion that will generate recoil

Also for a Gameplay perspective, a recoil-less gun has to be weak to offset it’s big ammo pool and it’s high precision

So every shot you make accompanied by an explosion. Also, you’re implying that every shot is that hot that somehow creates an explosion.
What kind of engineering is this? That doesn’t make sense - as if somebody purposely created a lasgun to have recoil.
That all looks to me like justifying an unrealistic approach to the concept of the laser-based gun.


It’s not that it was purposely created to have recoil, it’s physic

Laser weaponry already doesn’t make that much sense

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There is nothing about physics when we’re talking about the recoil of lasgun. It’s the matter of battery and device powered by it that emits laser. And unless you design something that kicks you in the hand every time you shoot there is nothing that can cause recoil in lasgun.
Imagine a laser pointer or even something bigger like a laser cutter machine that has recoil.


The recoil is there for balance purpose I suppose.

Also, correct me If I’m wrong, but on the video It seems that the lasgun can switch between two type of ranged mode : shot by shot or something faster. Maybe the recoil is bigger for the shot by shot mode, but with bigger damages ?
The traitor armors seems ineffective against the “heavy” lasgun shots.

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Whatever shots are there will be no recoil whatsoever. In order, to get recoil you need smth to be accelerated in the barrel of the gun to evoke opposite force. It must be a projectile that weighs something. Since the laser is consists of energy that doesn’t have weight and there is no need to apply any kind of force to shoot the laser beam - there cannot be recoil. Also, all of it doesn’t matter because the whole principle of work of lasgun differs from firearm: the laser is just emitted by some device within a gun.


Why shouldnt there be recoil?
Its a energy weapon, just because its called Lasgun it doesnt mean its just a high powered laser pointer - in fact flesh damage of lasguns is very stupid even with 40K standarts
High powered lasbolt that connects with flesh flash-boils liquids in the area thus violently exploding it
Its a scifi weapon that has future tech batteries, capacitors, focusing lenses, cooling mechanism, recharge mechanism, release mechanisn
ANY of these could be responsible for the recoil


I literally explained in my previous posts why it is so. If my explanation seems vague in any way you may browse information yourself about the nature of recoil.
Also, sci-fi doesn’t have science in it just like that. I believe that means that there is a need for realism in a fiction story to connect the reader or viewer to said story.


So you skipped the part where I gave you 6 components and each could be responsible foe the recoil
Your explanation IS vague cuz all you said is tldr version ‘‘its laser pointer and laser pointers dont have recoil’’


A simple Laser Pointer is 1 Watt (usually at ~15V)

The Laser of a Cutter Machine is 6000 Watt (usually at 400V)

It make a difference already, the electronic need to be protected (usually with Diode, Capacitor, Resistor or Solenoid) to prevent it from burning out, some of those protection may cause Magnetic flux that can make the equipment “Jump”

Those are RL fact, not something that the writer of GW made a long time ago by ignoring the law of physic

Also the Laser in it self also has recoil


Well, I found some articles on the subject of our topic that have interesting points.

Most of them prove me wrong about the existence of laser recoil - it does exist but it’s so insignificant compared to firearms - so you won’t get the kick. So my point still stands - there cannot be the animation of recoil.

There not only the Laser emitter that can have recoil, Electronic wire and/or power cable can emit Powerful magnetic field, those field are not wholly difficult to counter when they are stable, but when they are variating (example: Capacitor charging/unloading) those can make a cable whip in it’s place

Anyway, Laser weaponry don’t exist (yet) and it’s iteration in Sci-fi are mostly based on the imagination of the writer and the previous pop culture iteration, which mean that either are possible as we don’t know the future

It actually exists. And while we were arguing I have found this interesting article.


Found this on reddit.

That being said, lasguns typically do not have a kick. Of course not.

Except those being produced on worlds where an artificial kick was implemented in the design. Nobody knows why, anymore, but some say it might have to do with these lasguns originally being training props for weapons with a real kick. Or out of a necessity to equip soldiers with it who are used to it.

For me it’s not really a huge deal, but if I had to choose one, I’d go with recoil. Simply because no recoil feels and looks weird.

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This is what I call to cut the Gordian knot.
The rule of cool is always a solid argument especially when we’re talking about games. Still, I think that the absence of recoil will make this particular weapon quite unique.



Actually, this just made me think of State of Decay 2. That game has a whole lot of guns, and they all seem quite different at first.
But if you’re trying to be somewhat sneaky all guns are basically the same (99.99% of enemies dies from a single headshot). The only thing that matters is having a large magazine because spare ammo takes up precious inventory space.
So after a while, whenever they added new weapons my reaction would be “oh… this will add no variety at all for me”.

So I’ve changed my mind. No recoil for the lasgun, more variety for the righteous.


Thirded, I really hope they go all in with making the ranged weapons in Darktide feel unique - different levels of recoil (none for lasguns) / ease of handling, different sounds, different levels of impact when hitting the traitors. I’m hoping ripperguns are an option for the ogryn and bolt pistols for some of the others, too.

If they do add bolt pistols I hope they really do it 1:1 with the lore, basically blast from the conventional charge followed by a brief period where the projectile arms and then having them explode on impact further out.

It’d be amazing to have a wh40k horde shooter that really does all the weapons justice.


So I’m not the only one who’s passionate about recoil:

I think this guy is doing a better job than me.

Isnt the las gun rapidly pushing expanding gasses out of one end? it would not be a lot, but some recoil would exist Granted it look like the actual gameplay gave it a bit more oomph than the cinematic part.

P.s.a i only skimmed through the discussion sorry if this was already said

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