Feedback on guns

From PC Gamer extended gameplay,
heres feedback on Lasgun (mostly animations):

  1. Walking loop is a bit robotic. Not sure what is really off, but i suspect that the frequency of shakes is too low, and it should shake a bit more to the sides, and less vertically.
  2. When turning the player camera to the side, the gun end (from handguard to barrel) could use a lot more inertia, so it rotates slower than player’s view, and returns into default position on screen a bit delayed - after player stops turning.
  3. Reloading feels like the lasgun is weightless, like a toy. Character rotates or angles the gun too fast (unsmooth), or the movements are just too wide (of the gun end).
    If the gun has good weight, then its end (barrel) shouldn’t be moving fast in our perspective.
    Good examples to points 1-3 is battlefield games, BF3 for sure.
  4. Holo sight - not sure i’m digging that the reticle can be seen from normal perspective (not ADS-ing).

Autogun (zealot) on the other hand i liked very much:

  1. Walking animation is a bit better, i think it has faster shake frequency.
  2. Reloading animation is very smooth, looks cool (HK style), and the gun has weight behind it.
  3. Like the recoil in ADS.
    Not related to animations:
  4. I like the ironsights, they’re very clear and open for an ironsight.
  5. Sound design is really good: reload sounds authentic, can feel the mechanics; automatic fire is punchy and varied.

Ripper Gun on ogryn:

  1. Nice to see 2 animations for reloading. One is pretty standard, the other one is very funny where he punches the magazine down to detach it (very ogryn thing to do, very fast as well), but then with new mag ogryn struggles a bit to angle it correctly to feed the RipperGun :smiley: . As i understand, both reloads take the same time, which is good.
  2. Alt fire mode, where it fires at full auto - noticed an interesting accuracy change at the last 3-4 shots (if the player does a full mag dump). See here on timestamp. Reminds me of Counter Strike, where doing long bursts the bullets stop going where crosshair is, and one should memorize the recoil patterns to stay accurate. It would be interesting if that recoil mechanic is what i think it is, and the recoil pattern isn’t randomized.
  3. Walking animation has vertical bob a bit too much imo, should be more sideways.

I like that developers seem to be open to take inspiration from many other games. One game i recommend to look at for new ranged weapon ideas - is Unreal Tournament, even as far back as UT99, there’s a ton of unique weapon mechanics.

I was doubtful about this one mechanic, but it looks like they actually implementing it - partial reloads!:
seen here with Autogun (interrupted by weapon switch)
and here with Lasgun (interrupted by sprint).

Might be inspired by Insurgency Sandstorm. When you start the reload, remove the mag, then if you interrupt the reload process, the game will remember that mag is detached, and the continued reload is therefore takes less time, than a full reload.

It needs a bit of polish though - in Autogun example, when switching back to the gun to finish partial reload, it weirdly fast forwards a normal reload, instead of continuing from where we left off.
It looks like partial reload glitches from weapon swap, here’s the same occurrence with Lasgun .

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I too like those little details on the Rippergun, but I’m a bit disapointed in the firing modes. gameplay-whise and a bit sense whise. the MKII while ‘aiming’ does either 2 shot burst or full auto, and while holding the gun normally, on the grip underneath, which gives the Ogryn less controll over the recoil, it does 3 shot bursts … it doesn’t really make sense to me why he’d shoot more when he has less controll. and since the gun shoots 2burst, 3burst and full auto it obviously should be capable of single shot as well which I was highly hoping for in the Rippergun mkV … only to learn that the MKV is 3burst and full auto only.
Generally I’d love to be able to switch firing modes and turn las- and autoguns into single shots.

and speaking about lasguns why are the numbers inflated? why am I promised a Lasgun with f.e. 69 ammo / shots when in truth it’s empty after 23 clicks? and the laser pistol with 30 ammo can be fired 15 times…

Why it is shooting burst at all for such slow fire rate? I would prefer if it was simply automatic. With this low fire rate we will be able to tap single shots. It is simply bad design.

About lasgun ammo, there is probably some mechanic that allow to gain ammo more efficiently with more ammo.

yes, make rippergun single shot / full auto … what ever just take away the auto burst. please.

Usually ammo gain stuff is in relation with the total max ammo, and as such it’s usually a percentage, but it doesn’t matter if you gain three times the ammo because you get 10% of 300 instead of 100, if you also use three times the ammo, in the end you get 10 shots/clicks of ammo.

I think that’s a lore reason, at least partially, it is stated that ripper gun fire in short volley of three so the ogryn doesn’t constantly empty its magasine at the first ennemy in sight by keeping the trigger squeezed.

But I also wouldn’t mind a single shot mode, you never need three shot unless you need full auto.

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Though obviously the rippergun DOES go full auto in ADS Mode. and making it single shot instead of 3 burst would lore-whise safe even more ammo. Since you either shoot at a single ‘high’ priority target, f.e. a pox burster either to kill or at least to stagger so that a teammate can take care of the rest, or go full ham on a horde.