My ideas & Suggestions

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Ok lets start and follow in order:

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While a Score board isn’t a bad idea, having penances tied to the scoreboard would increase dramatically the number of stat chaser, like in VT2 where we have the green circles chaser.

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It would not be a good idea, gambling is quite a touchy subject for game makers, and they need to be very careful with it, better not do that

Futhermore than FS is in europe, and we currently are cracking down on such practices (Like Lootboxes too).

I don’t get it. “Such practices”? My ideas:: “Slot machine” and “Lottery” are based on in-game money, not real money.

with the lotto thing, it would have to be non-premium currency and make it like 1-200k of the base currency, perhaps you unlock it after getting to lvl 30 as a “reward for your service” or something, that way there’s an outlet for your dockets

however, having It be real money or aquillas is a terrible idea and is just lootboxes with a more direct reference to gambling. which idk if you have been paying attention to the gaming landscape, but gambling/lootboxes aren’t exactly looked upon favorably when they can be bought with irl money

Noone talked about real money or aquillas. OMG guys!
The Lottery NPc should be available after 20 or 30 lvl. :slight_smile: