My Happiest Moment in Darktide

…happened just now, when the Loner Psyker started one of her heretical rants about the “Carrion Lord” again and my Professional Veteran told her he’d shoot her himself if she didn’t stop bad-mouthing the Emperor all the time. Of course, the conversation script let her put in the last word for whatever reason, but it was gratifying to hear another character finally tell the Loner to go to Hel, in effect, and it’s really something that should happen as a matter of course, given that A: the Professional, Cutthroat, Savant and Seer are all arguably as devout as any other citizen of the Imperium (to say nothing of the Ogryns and Zealots) and B: the Rejects are in the service of the karking Ordo Hereticus, the arm of the Inquisition specifically concerned with policing heretics and psykers. :laughing:


The voice lines generally are quite atmospheric :).

I especially enjoy how the professional vet and the body guard ogryn interact.

But are you sure about the ordo hereticus? Ordo sepulrurum sounds reasonable as well - and with all the demon hosts malleus would be plausible as well.


The game needs more interactions like that, certain lines feel rather disjointed, but I suppose this is the compromise we got with the number of personalities per class.


Male Agitator Zealots will sometimes comment about the Rejects being in the employ of the Ordo Hereticus.


The Savant really is the nicest out of the three male Psykers and probably the best voice-acted Black person I’ve seen in a video game until now.
The Seer is best French Fry. :fr: :fries: :two_hearts:

I think there is a few more voice lines from other personalities telling the Loner off, but you don’t hear them often.

This game’s voice acting is amazing. The only genuine complaint I have about it:
Why is there not more of it?

While in many other games you usually get annoyed by all the interjections and random talking (Forspoken cough cough), the characters can’t talk enough in Tide games.
Authentic, funny and 100% in-character with on-point dialogue that feels organic. Except for all the talk about stairs, but they toned that down in Darktide. :3

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Surely you mean the female Savant is the best French Fry? The female Seer has sort of a northern English accent (I think). :sweat_smile:

Yeah, it’s funny, particularly given that the higher-ups are almost always listening in to the radio chatter during missions and don’t hesitate to tell the Rejects to can the gossip and focus on the mission. You’d think Morrow or Zola or whoever would step in once in a while to threaten to execute the Loner for heresy. :laughing:

There was one interaction where the Loner was ranting about psykers being used to help power the Golden Throne and my Professional Veteran rather coldly retorted that we “can’t have unsanctioned psykers running around; might as well make 'em useful,” but I think that’s the only other one that I’ve been party to in a mission thus far.

Also, concerning which of the Holy Ordos which the rejects are serving:


This game’s voice acting is amazing. The only genuine complaint I have about it:
Why is there not more of it?

I’m addicted to the drip-feed of info via the dialogue. It seems like every few days, the chatter changes to reveal a little more lore, like the ominous hints the Psykers are starting to drop about the fate of Tertium’s sister-city…

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I like the dialogues they introduced when someone is away of the team…

One time I have heard:
“Where are you?”
“Stay with the squad, idiot”


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