My FPS...are somehow broken

i have been playing the game for a while,and i got stable 45 FPS on medium settings,all of a sudden,a week ago,my FPS dropped permanently to around 10 FPS making it unplayable,other games run as smooth as usual,so it is only a V1 problem.

i checked the settings because someone suggested that they may have changed but couldn’t find a thing,and on top of that changing them from medium to minimum doesn’t change a thing.

i’am stuck at 25 fps in the tavern and 10 fps in maps,with the same PC i always used to play V1 and it seems to be independent of what graphic setting i am using.

also reinstalled but nothing changed.

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Could be the issue but I got it after August 31.

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The problem throttling the frame rate is that the screen has a constant update rate, typically 60 FPS.

If we want 24 FPS we will never get the true 24 fps on the screen, we can time it as such but not show it as the monitor can only show synced frames at 15 fps, 30 fps or 60 fps (some monitors also 120 fps).

However, for timing purposes we can calculate and update when possible.

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