My custom games just got INSANELY hard

This has been going on for me since the previous day. Every custom game that I start and host spawns an unbelievable amount of normal, elite, and special enemies. Monsters and hordes also spawn more frequently. Other players that have joined my games have also remarked on the massive amount of enemies. If the party doesn’t get obliterated by the immediate cluster of stormvermin or plague monks at the start, every one of these games ends sometime later when a monster appears along with ceaseless hordes.

I can’t speculate how to reproduce this, it is happening in every one of my custom games. The most significant thing I can think of recently was experimenting with keyboard macros to type messages in chat.

the game can be inconsistent like that. i dont really have a clear and cut explanation.
for one the ai director varies. some games are harder, some are easier. sometimes you get disproportionatly harder games. there are some theroies that this is tied to performance of your PC, but those are theories as far as i´m concerned.
also the game sometimes just bugs out. i have this sometimes on against the grain. once in a blue moon the whole map aggros as soon as i leave the first farm. every ambient enemy that gets spawned instantly starts moving towards me. this goes so far that the enemies that spawn in the last event walk over the small mountain and the 2 big fields and then climb over the barn where you fight the scripted boss.
this only happens to me on against the grain and only when i play solo. it does not happen a lot and i´ve just learned to embrace it. its funny.

Yeah, tell me about it.

I was trying to do death forest and got 3 waves of plague monks at the finale plus 2 warpers, and 3 poison rats.

Every time Fatshark fails to update the game, the AI goes nuts.

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Athel Yenlui finale has completely fixed spawns, so either you were taking too long with the event or you pulled specials from before the event.

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I know that.

No adds survived prior to event and did not take that long to turn crystals.

Like I said before, the AI goes nuts when the game doesn’t get updated in a while.

Same thing that’s happening with the AI in V1 right now.

Well, considering 2 waves of plague monks is normal for a QP group where they split up to do 2 switches at once. I’m guessing it just took a little longer since you were playing with bots and had to turn all 3 switches your self. So 3 waves of plague monks would be completely normal. As would 2x flamethrowers. 3 gas rats is pushing it though.

I’m curious what the OP means by increased monster spawns? Are you getting more than 2 monsters per map excluding scripted ones? If so, that’s definitely a bug. I’ve never seen more than 2 monsters on a single map along with a scripted monster like the ogre at the end of screaming bell.

Can you just post a screen shot of your end game stats with the mission timer mod on? That’s the easiest way to see if elites and specials are out of wack.

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