[Final Events] AI director gets crazy

Honestly I don’t know if “AI director” is the correct word. Anyway I mean the artificial intelligence that vomits on us hordes, elites, specials, etc etc.

This “problem” can happen in various situations, but I have noticed it mostly in two cases: Skittergate and Engines of War final events.

  • Skittergate: sometimes the game spawns only Monks and Shielded SV; other times just some stupid rats;

  • Engines of War: normally the game spawns just few SV and Monks. Today I have met simultaneously: 3 CW, 6 Shielded SV, 6 Monks and various specials.

I would like to know if these innatural spikes of difficoulty are intended or not.

I had an entire regiment of Shielded SV slowly batter everyone into submission during Skittergate. No Plague Monks, Just a shieldwall of SV, wholly impossible to defeat.

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I only played on cataclysm since WoM’s released. But in every of my games in all the maps’ final events (finished all cata maps but FoW, for some of them several times) have never been easy. Full of all of what you say. Never got few rats or easy RNGs. Always full density, monks, CW, specials, etc… full apocalypse ^^

Do you play cata difficulty? Or maybe the host you joined had a low end PC (even If I thought it was fixed) usually when the host’s PC can’t carry, hordes and waves are easier, lower density, and ennemy spawn broken, buggy, low spawn rate…

So to say, final events of maps, are made to be crazy. (At least in Cata).

About the slower CPU thing, in the last few weeks when I started playing post-1.6 version, I’ve noticed slower hosts manifesting as buggy spawns, but the number of enemies seems in line with when I host. Something that did not happen before with slower hosts is that now my game does a solid 50-100ms pause when a horde is spawned. It’s different from intermittent connection issues where you can still move while enemies & players freeze.

What comes to Skittergate my guess is the large variability comes from someone blocking the spawns until Deathrattler dies and then it seems the spawns start as if the event just started - low & easy at first.

Not a bug. The terror events were all redone to scale with difficulty. All of them should be like that.

In Skittergate boss fight the ads come in waves. You’ve got clanrat waves, stormvermin waves, and plague monk waves. If you don’t have all 3 spawn points locked down the arena is going to fill up. Engine’s boat event also spawns stuff in waves, when the boat arrives you should be buried in a little bit of everything.

Unless you’re talking about the barrel event, there shouldn’t be CWs unless they were aggro’d ambience?

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Definitely Ended up just fighting Shielded SV and Shielded Clanrats. did not face any plague rats during Skittergate.

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