Mtx and psyker

Ok, what the hell happened here. I thought that skins will be as in Vermintide 2, that is buy them for the exact amount you want without obfuscating the cost. That’s predatory BS. If that’s “the last thing you want to be” Martin, why the hell do you tell devs to implement it that way. Oh, and btw, cosmetics clip EVERYWHERE. Nice value for your buck to have a head that can go through metal collar.

On the other hand Psyker. His penances are STILL absolutely mindnumbing. Explode 3 specials a.k.a. throw games until you somehow get it. And you missed the point of why Malleus Monstronum is so BS - it literally takes 1 person to be an a… undesirable teammate and shoot it some. And if you ask me to get friend to do it then I ask you - ask friends to help you fix this damn game.

No wonder why steam reviews from 30th to today are standing at 50% mixed. Should be lower in my opinion for these blatant predatory cosmetic shop and absolutely crazy penance design. I’m still waiting for a video of designers doing these penances in public matches btw.