Penances: another sleezy, greedy and scammy f-up

What can I say Fatshark.
This game seems hellbent on disincentivizing players to play already, and penances are the one nail on this ugly coffin.

Y’all released a game that is broken, utterly incomplete and with no road-map in sight. If it wasn’t for the gameplay and art-direction it would have been an instant refund for me.
Then just to anger everybody you thought it good that THE ONE BUG-FREE ASSET in the game would be the GODDAMN CASH-SHOP. For that you got plenty of content, and were very quick to overhaul the aquilas packs as the community roasted your asses.

And then we get that pathetic excuse for gameplay that are penances just to top it all off, 'cause it wasn’t enough already. The raising irritation level of this community needed just a bit more.
Penances are nothing more than a greedy way to incentivize players to spend in the cash shop. Anybody who doesn’t agree with that is plain stupid.
Penances are generally painful to an impossible degree, annoying beyond belief and a good chunk of them require either a cohordinated team to be succsessful or an ungodly ammount of sheer blind luck. All of them require one to play hours upon hours in the most frustrating and irritating way just get some decent basic cosmetics.
We paid 40 dolls for an incomplete game, I don’t think we deserve to be bullied into missing the one single set of cosmetics we can get for free.

The way penances are designed it is absolutely obvious to me that they are made to make you quit. Not even content creators on youtube want to do them. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IMPOSSIBLY FRUSTRATING AND MADDENING.
So you give up on them and spend some money instead.
And that is absolutely, utterly and unforgiveably effed.

Penances should be fun challenges that push you towards playing more cooperatively, use your class kit at its best, care for your team and provide the most value to a run.
Instead they are nonesensical, hard to the point of being riddiculus and some times they push you to play badly, or even suicidally. I’m a Psyker main and one penance literally needs for you to suicide.

Penance based cosmetics should communicate that a player knows the game and knows how to play properly and to bring value to their team. Not that they spent hours upon hours banging their heads against an obnoxiously frustrating wall for the sake of it.

Thank you Fatshark for just another toxic tid-bit of game design.


They want you to give up trying to get free skins and go to the premium shop to buy 'em. That’s why they’re awful.


1235 Penance score here.
Doing the Psyker penances makes me want to bash my head into my desk exactly like you said. Who exactly thought having you be an active detriment to your team would be a good idea? Who thought that dying would be a good achievement to get? This is one of my biggest complaints. These penances suck. I have them, I know how they work. They suck.

People have been asking for Going out with a Bang specifically to be changed for so long now. Why three? At least just make it one, even two. Three is ridiculous.

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It is not bug free.
You have to „inspect“ an item in order to be able to buy it separately, without buying the entire bundle (unless that got fixed by now).
So the one bug that it does have, conveniently seems to cause players to spend more.


Yeah, exctly… I entirely refuse to even try the “tier 2” psyker penances (psyker main here). I tried warp battery once and I quickly realized it would literally get all my squad (can only pla with randos) to patiently wait for me to brain burst every now and then in between stretches with no enemies. Nobody did that even if I asked, it’s just too hard to coordinate if you don’t have friends in the mic, plus at harder difficulities everybody’s killing everything asap and that makes perfect sense.
Penances are not in the least fun, they are atrociously aweful and make you regret playing.
I play atm just as an exercise cause there’s nothing to do in game for me. Leveling all characters is a slog, especially qhen we can’t tailor fit the builds we want due to the bull crap shop and missing crafting system.
If I set my head to get those damn penances I would just stop playing all together. Theywould make the game actively painful.

Off topic:

If you do want to go for this one I recommend the scanning mission finale (eyeball tree). On malice diff. with a domewhat decent team you should be able to just do your thing while the rest of the team is scanning. I did it in second try on that mission. First try I gave up because I needed to pick up teammates to avoid a wipe.


I mean if you’re having trouble with Warp Battery maybe you shouldn’t bother with the penances.

Some are a little bogus but they really aren’t too bad compared to Okri’s challenges. I mean, did you ever get the 1000 headshots with the MWP? Or save two teammates at once with a bush? And I could go on. They were tedious and many required LOTS of teamwork and very often only paid out for one member.

This is nothing particularly new. No one is forcing you to get them (and frankly the tier 1 hood is the best looking to me and I prefer the best red jacket and pants rather than the black) so you don’t need to if you don’t want to.

Hopefully they do add a bunch more soon a la Okri’s. I’m already pretty much down to just the stupid high number ones and Mission Improbable. Maybe some map specific ones like the Helmgart challenges. Or things like Eagle Eye. Those were the fun ones. Less so Glazier’s Holiday.

There are clipping problems, holes, and some missing textures.

I don’t understand the hate that penances get. A few are bit mis-aligned, but I generally love them. VT2 had a similar system, and if anything we don’t have enough interesting ones (but I didn’t like some in VT2 either). The fact that some of these are hard and require a coordinated team to complete is a good thing. If anything, I’d like to see more team-oriented tasks here (finish a certain task in a certain period of time, etc).

So yeah. I can understand not liking certain penances (I have a few as well) but the game is far richer by having them in place. If anything, we should have more of them. I’m done with the interesting ones and I don’t bother with the ones that I don’t find interesting, like many of the ones you mention.

… that the game is not finished and should never have shipped is another matter.

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The main issue stems from the fact that they’re pretty much the only way to get cosmetic armor that isn’t the cash shop. The docket shop only has recolors. If the current armor penances only gave accessories (which we’re still missing), sigils, or portrait frames, the backlash for them would be far less.

True, but that is the cosmetics, not the store itself, if we are being precise here. :smiley: