[MS STORE/GAMEPASS] Hotfix 1.0.12

Welcome to Hotfix 1.0.12.

This patch affects Microsoft Store and Gamepass players. This patch is rolling out now. If it has not rolled out for you yet, it will shortly.

EDIT 12/5: This patch is approximately 35GB. Yes, CHUNKY as an Ogryn, I know. However, this is necessary to help us future proof the other hotfixes we have in the wings for you, so future hotfixes should be smaller.

Hotfix Notes:

  • Fixed a client crash when dodging while not having any weapon equipped.
  • Fixed crash issues when view is not completely loaded
  • Fixed a crash after opening inventory & other menu (such as premium store) simultaneously
  • Fixed other various unspecifiable crashes
  • Fixed join permissions that were causing broken reconnects sometimes
  • Issue where people on 3000 series cards would see their settings as N/A is now fixed
  • More detailed weapon stats have been added

Known Issues:

  • Ray tracing is currently disabled for AMD and Intel GPU users while investigating issues related to our support for these GPU’s. We are working closely with our hardware partners to resolve this as soon as possible. Until then, ray tracing is turned off by default to avoid any issues in playing the game.
  • Optimization and performance. This is an area we continue to work on, and we see issues with performance.
  • We currently don’t support users on IPv6-only networks. This often means a player requires a VPN to play the game. The intention is to support IPv6 in the near future.
  • In the Weapon Detail Screen, there is a known crash when inspecting the weapon damage breakdown of most weapons (e.g. lasgun torch)
  • Sudden crash to desktop with dialogue popup.
  • Switching between windowed mode and fullscreen can result in adjusted resolution and deadlock in some rare cases.
  • Working on delivering missing Twitch Drops to a select few players. We hope to have this resolved within a week.
  • Inability to merge strike teams. If you pick to merge your strike team at the end of a mission, it will currently not work and will display a version mismatch error.
  • Some users may be missing their Imperial Edition cosmetics, pre-order bonuses, and beta tester helmets. We are working on resolving this issue so you all receive appropriate cosmetics as expected. For more information, please visit this link.
  • We are aware that 100% toughness is not functioning as expected. This will be fixed in the next hotfix.
  • We are aware the in-game price for some Aquilas packs appears as “??”

Hold on, Did you guys push through the patch that has broken toughness? Why would you break something that was fine with a patch you know has issues?


It’s probably taken this long to certify. It’s microsoft.


Well. Darktide is not the only game that has Steam and GP/MS Store Versions. They manage to get both versions on par with patches. So there is a way to speed it up.

No, this is a patch for MS Store, not Steam. MS Store toughness fix should arrive in their next hotfix.


Why is the game not even sincronyzed?!
Can’t they just prepare patches and deploy them at the same time as everybody usually do?


It’s a Microsoft store issue. It takes longer to get a patch through there. Many other games have had this same discussion in the past.


Thats my point. Before today, the MS store version didn’t have the toughness bug. Now you’ve pushed through a patch that does break it. I never mentioned the steam version. I guess the devs don’t read, makes sense on why the game is in the shape it is.

Hear me out, I’m 100% sure the gamepass version before this hotfix was NOT the release version.

Launcher and “building shader cache” were orange, now they are blue, we did not have weapon stats, only bars, different EAC loading screen, settings getting reset to default upon update.

That’s why this “hotfix” is a 35gb download, because we are downloading the release version.

What we were playing was a pre-release beta with some tweaks, like the store.


I’d like a fix for the 4001 error that doesn’t require me to log out of the xbox app. Not being able to play with friends is more game breaking than most of these bugs from what I’m seeing.

Haven’t seen any update on this issue at all. Other than the ridiculous work around that makes me question if my progress will even be there once it’s resolved since I need to sign out of the xbox app to get in game.

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Wouldn’t surprise me at all. Shady af.

Any plans to make cross play between game pass and steam?

If they are going to handle updates like this, you can rule out cross play.

Can’t have a platform with a different version for days with cross play.

Thank the emperor (and Fatshark) for the patch! Us lowly Game Pass peasants are satisfied

Will there be cross-play or cross-saves ever? Am I wasting my time playing on Game Pass right now?

I’m not satisfied in the slightest, they pushed a broken update and now we have to wait for the next hotfix to get toughness working.

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How’s a patch that fixes crashes broken? I sense heresy in you brother…

Because it breaks the toughness system, simple as that.

Gamepass version wasn’t the release day version, so we didn’t have the change that made toughness not bleed through while at 100%, hence we didn’t have the bug that made it not work on veteran (maybe psyker too?) while at 100%, this hotfix we just got brought with it the day one version too, and with it, the broken toughness system, this is why this is a broken patch.

I’d appreciate less roleplay on official and technical posts, given we are getting the short end of the stick, your roleplay just comes off as mockery.

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" * Working on delivering missing Twitch Drops to a select few players. We hope to have this resolved within a week."
A FEW? Have you seen the support thread? Oh my lord. I cant even link my Twitch acc and my Fatshark account no matter what I’ve tried and I’ve earned the drops x2 by now.

And thanks for blowing my eardrums out when you reset all settings to 100%

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While it is great that the patch got through, I get the feeling Fatshark does such things on purpose.

The responses about the premium currency were a surprise for them (at least the co-founder), crafting does not fit the setting, so why deliver the latest patch? First all others which broke things while fixing other stuff.
Nice. (Irony)