Hotfix #2 (1.0.13)


Welcome to the second day in Tertium, and as you clamber out of your makeshift barracks and put on your boots to stem the tide of Chaos, we are rolling out Hotfix 1.0.13. This hotfix contains crash fixes and a much-needed fix to toughness.

Patch Notes

Crash fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could happen when using one of Psyker’s talents.
  • Resolved a crash that could occur during login to the character selection view.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering the headgear equipment view.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking “Exit Psykhanum” twice.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when players used a melee weapon special.
  • Fixed a crash that was detected for users that were leaving the Psykhanium.
  • Fixed an access violation crash.
  • Fixed other various, unspecifiable crashes.


  • Improved localization.
  • Clarified melee push description to be more accurate, clarifying this action will be used when you have no weapon equipped.


  • Resolved some placeholder text that would be shown when inspecting cosmetics and weapon skins in the Commodore’s Vestures and when browsing the trinkets menu.
  • Fixed Psyker’s Imperial Edition chest plate clipping through the jacket and causing the cosmetic to not match the marketing image.

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed an issue that caused toughness bleedthrough damage on toughness over 100. Toughness over 100 on any class should now function as expected.
  • Resolved an issue when using a controller in the settings menu, where dropdown lists would not work as expected.
  • Added stat tracking for some platform achievements
  • Fixed an issue that when an image in the Commodore’s Vestures failed to load, the entire store would fail to show.
  • Increased experience and Ordo Dockets when finishing a mission on Malice, Heresy, and Damnation.
  • Fixed an issue where users would get raytracing assigned as on by default if the users hardware does not support raytracing (improves performance for some users) *Read Notes from our techpriest [This patch note line has been edited for clarity]
  • Network fix to handle proper disconnects more nicely in LAN transport.

Top Known Issues

  • Ray Tracing is currently disabled for AMD and Intel GPU users while investigating issues related to our support for these GPU’s. We are working closely with our hardware partners to resolve this as soon as possible. Until then, ray tracing is turned off by default to avoid any issues in playing the game.
  • Optimization and performance. This is an area we continue to work on, and we see issues with performance.
  • We are continuing to monitor stability. Players should notice improvements with each subsequent patch.
  • We currently don’t support users on IPv6-only networks. This often means a player requires a VPN to play the game. The intention is to support IPv6 in the near future.
  • Some players might experience a sudden crash to desktop with dialogue popup. Switching between windowed mode and fullscreen can result in adjusted resolution and deadlock in some rare cases.
  • Working on delivering missing Twitch Drops to a select few players. We hope to have this resolved within a week.
  • Some users may be missing their pre-order bonuses, and beta tester helmets. We are working on resolving this issue so you all receive appropriate cosmetics as expected. For more information, please visit this link.

A Word From Our Techpriests

We have seen a lot of comments about raytracing being on by default for many of our users and we have been investigating this for quite some time. We thought we had caught all cases of this in the release patch but more issues have been found.

We have managed to identify another issue that affects players on GPUs that do not support raytracing at all. The issue is that we have faulty fallbacks for settings that are removed from the settings menu because they are not supported on the GPU causing them to fall back to true instead of false.

The patch for this will reset your settings and re-detect optimal settings from the launcher, when the game is launched we should set proper defaults for you that sets rt_reflections_enabled and rtxgi_enabled to false.

It is important to note that our user settings file contains multiple other raytracing related settings, these settings are sub settings to rt_reflections_enabled and rtxgi_enabled and controls the behavior of those features. Changing those settings or the settings being true has no bad effect on performance whatsoever. In fact some of those features being enabled is because they enable optimizations to the raytracing features. Turning all of them off is not necessarily the most optimal state for performance should you want to enable raytracing in the future.

There is one exception to this and it is the setting called “rtxgi_scale”. This setting while controlling the quality of the dynamic rtxgi if rtxgi_enabled = true will also control the quality of the baked rtxgi if the setting baked_ddgi = true (the setting called “Global Illumination” under advanced settings). When you set rtxgi_scale to 0 that means that the baked rtxgi will also be off. While this will give you better framerate, and might be another reason for following the guides gives you better framerate, some levels that rely highly on this baked global illumination for their looks will become excessively dark as they will lack sufficient light contribution in heavily occluded areas. This is the reason why we decided to not support turning off Global Illumination from the settings menu as it makes some levels almost unplayable due to the darkness for which we have no suitable fallback.

You are of course always free to tweak your settings manually and play around with the different options we give you in there but please do note that there is an intended logic to these settings where it is quite easy to set them up to conflict with each other. This is something that our settings menus and launcher detection takes into consideration. Any manual editing of the user_settings.config may result in settings ending up in a permanently broken state from which the settings menu might not be able to save you, in this case using the reset button in the launcher is your best solution to the problem. That option will clear all your render settings and start you over fresh. Please be aware that manual editing of the user_settings.config, especially modifying read/write properties of that file will make it very hard for us to diagnose/debug your problems should you have them so when reporting bugs related to settings make sure to mention if you have edited them manually to avoid confusion. There is no shame in this, we just want to know this so that we can offer the proper assistance.


Thank you guys for the hard work and getting the patch notes out!

Yes the game has some issues but overall I have really been enjoying it so far!


Make sure to pass on the thanks to the teams pumping out these hotfixes on a daily basis.


Nice thanks for the fixes glad menus are fixed on controller, any idea when vibrations will be added ? :face_with_monocle:


Fantastic, thanks for the update @Aqshy !!! Any news on weekly contracts not progressing ?

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they simply forgot about this right? no way that was a conscious decision to leave the debugging in and take such a gigantic hit on performance? the note says they still left some in and on steamdb it didnt remove all of the dlls.

wouldnt it be better to have a separate branch for this? where you ask ppl that can afford to lose the performance to participate? i know ppl with ancient systems trying to run this, obviously you will miss out on their data, but for them the game is almost unplayable.

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Thanks for fixing Psyker cosmetic. :blush:

Good on the increase of gold but think you should really reconsider no crafting on a wipe. At least 50% would be fair. The maps aren’t stuffed with them plus it’s even less incentive for new players to get up into Heresy or Damnation (endgame).

The team also really need to be looking at the mission select screen. Funnily enough if we had a scoreboard we could compare how we are doing in each rerun of a map. We need mission mutators and scrpts and grims dont count! They should be a feature in the maps as standard!


Yep. The list of RNG that needs to be removed/resolved in order to make the game have basic QoL features is long! However those things will take time, I think. As much as I want to be able to select any map with any modulator, and as much as I want the RNG store to be exterminatus - I’d rather they focus on bugfixing, crashfixing and actually getting crafting into the game first.

And then hopefully they can begin the work of removing the roughly 812-too-many layers of RNG.

Edit: You’re absolutely right that losing crafting mats on a loss is just… cruel.


They need to be doing both, which they have shown they are willing to do with the toughness change.


Is this in addition to the change from yesterday’s hotfix? Because as of yesterday, Malice rewarded 3.1k instead of the previous 2.8k, and according to the mission screen, it still does.

Cheers to the team for the quick toughness fix, that makes a massive difference!

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In the Mission Terminal, it appears that these rewards remained the same as before the patch.

Aww I’d hoped it had been increased even more. Just patch notes that were missing from .12 hotfix then.

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Appreciate you being open about a patch maybe not coming out today in your earlier post, glad to see it come through and your suspicions were correct :slight_smile:

So with each patch is this probably gonna happen for a bit? Second time now my settings have been readjusted.


Okay, cool, now where are the missing weapons? Why has there been a new patch yet still no response about the missing weapons? This is getting ridiculous.

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So you know that bug that was fixed, the one that stopped the game from closing properly in steam? Yeah, that seems to have returned.

My performance has improved SIGNIFICANTLY since this update - easily up 30fps than before. Very happy about that



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