Moving spread stat? + suggestion

What is the moving spread stat on the mobility tooltip specifically?? I’m looking at a “Kantrael MG IV Infantry Lazgun”

is that how accurate you are when moving??? which is probably pretty much constantly since most people move slightly while aiming down sights???

if it is how accurate you are when moving, does that make sense?? sure, the stability stats of sway/recoil are still taken into account, but why the spread of your gun tied to mobility so strongly??? spread is one of the most important stats and the way spread even is supposed to function is based on the accuracy of the gun and how stable the gun is at any given time… not really sure what that has to do with how “mobile” you can be with that weapon in your hands.

would be cool if reload speed was a stat tied to mobility instead of “moving spread,” and moving spread was part of the weapon’s stability which makes the most sense.

Don’t most weapons get perfect, or near-perfect accuracy when using ADS, regardless of whether you’re moving or not? I’ve never noticed any meaningful spread while using ADS outside of things like braced autoguns.

you might be right. it pretty much shoots where you are aiming with the sight.

so then should that mobile spread stat and spread stat maybe specify hip fire accuracy or something? i guess it is assumed.

i still think improved reload speed could be neat to add to the stats somehow and could make some versions way more valuable. i think mobility makes sense as the stat i would attach a reload speed stat to.

You can get reload speed on weapon perks and blessings. The vet has a class buff for it as well.

People say these stats don’t make a difference, but they do. Thanks to stacking reload buffs I can reliably keep vet’s volley fire active indefinitely even through the bolter’s normally glacial reload.

what about sprint efficiency, or any other perk you can get on weapons???

the +1 stamina (while weapon is active) makes me think that the perks most of the time carry between weapons??? depends on the perk??? not terribly clear.

I think improved reload speed being a base stat modifier could just be cool. maybe the current or planned stat pool doesn’t support that though

The “while weapon is active” suggests you’re right, but I don’t know for sure.

In vermintide, they only worked for the active weapon.
The +damage perks in darktide, demonstrably also only work while you have the weapon active, so i would assume that the same is the case for all the others as well.