I think mobility should match the size, the design of weapons. A revolver always offers more mobility than a lmg, for example. A dagger is far away more handy than a hammer etc.
And Atrox could be a throwing axe as well.

well they do already do that

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No, mobility can change, that’s a main stat.

They currently do. All weapons have mobility modifiers that usually correlate with its size/unwieldiness, including but not limited to dodge distance, dodge amount, draw speed and sprint stamina consumption. Nothing affects default walk speed or jump distance though, and I personally don’t think it should. All melee weapons have instant draw speed and that is by design.

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I understand what you mean but I think this stat “Mobility” is useless and not really adequate.

Yeah, the 0-80% range on the stats on weapons is weirdly inconsistent between weapons. Some weapons will increase dodge distance by up to 30%, some will barely change it. It’s not very intuitive and too RNG heavy.

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