Movement mouse causes fps drops

The problem was in the rocketdoc application, which creates an additional shortcut bar on the desktop.

When moving to WASD, there are no problems, but when I rotate the mouse, the fps drops sharply.
Any graphics settings.
Even in the character selection menu, cursor movement causes fps drops

gforce 2080Ti
intel core i7 9700k 3.6ghz
16gb ram
user_settings.config (3.1 KB)

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I am also having this issue, to add to OP’s experience I have tried multiple mice, with differing drops in FPS strangely enough.
I’ve updated ALL drivers as well as changes many settings in attempts to troubleshoot the issue.
It doesn’t matter where I am in the game either, as soon as I boot it up and am prompted to hit “enter to continue” mouse movement causes FPS to crash immediately and then restore once mouse movement has ceased.

EDIT: Also I am not using rocketdock or anything of the sort.

EDIT: FIXED!!, for me it was the use of a remote desktop software called Ultraviewer, For some reason that program causes issue in this game ONLY, Anydesk (A similar software) does not cause any issues.

Had the same issue I stopped Overwolf (overlay thing i had to get for a minecraft modpack) Razer Synapse, and some software that came with my monitors call OnScreen Control. Dont know which of the three work but one of them did.

Stopped the GeForce experience overlay did a similar job to me - I guess it just doesn’t like any overlays?

Had this exact issue, disable geforce overlay