My screen freezes while mouse is moving

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I have the game on gamepass.
At first the game crashed before I could finish the tutorial, but I could play while it let me. Since the update, it doesnt crash, but whenever the mouse is moving the screen is frozen in the last frame before its started moving. If I use a controller, it doesnt happen.

Hi @Nacho_Odinson,

That’s quite bizarre!

Does your mouse have any external software that it uses? If so, please ensure it’s up to date or try disabling it.

Is your mouse wired? Does the issue occur if you change the port it’s connected to?

I’ve had an issue in the past where if the dpi on my mouse was 1000+ a bunch of games would start locking up whenever I moved it, try setting your mouse dpi to a lower number

I have Asus ArmouryCrate installed for color control and I do think it also controls mouse settings. I will try lowering the DPI, but it seems weird since it had no compatibility issues at launch.

Didnt work. Tried uninstalling but didnt work either.