Game freeze

Issue Summary:
Been out for 4 months due to the massive amount of bugs that plagued the game but within seconds I’m greeted with the good old screen freeze.

  • Screen freezes for a good 1½ second and then resumes. It does this at seemingly random times but from the start to the elevator in righteous stand it happen 4 times. This was on recruit with a lvl 200 knight. Alas it didnt take me more than 5 min to get there. so 5 min = 4 freezes

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play the game
  2. Dont know what else to say

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Often (< 75%)

Additional Information:
1080 8gb
i7 8700k
16gb ram
Fps holding around 100 on avg
game runs smooth besides the freeze.

DxDiag.txt (79.1 KB)
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I had this issue on my old computer, for me it was being caused by a slower cpu and low ram, what are your system specs?

Gtx 1080 8gb
i7 8700k
16gb ram

Dx 11 or 12?

Unsure. Is there an issue with either of the two?

seems dx12 is causing a few ms freeze issue.

Where do I change it ?

once you start the game, at the big play button console, chose settings and there you have the dx11 dx12 thing.

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Thanks man!

You’re welcome, I hope this will fix it for you :slight_smile: the game despite the mess is worth playing.

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Hello AntiLoop! Just checking in to see if you had any luck after changing your DirectX version?

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I did thank you very much. How nice of you to go about taking time out of your day to come ask me that.

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