Intermittent Game Freeze

Issue Description:
During gameplay, the game freezes for approximately 4-10 seconds, happening about 2-5 times per mission. After the freeze, all the sounds from the previous 4-10 seconds play simultaneously. As a result, it appears to my team that I’m AFK, standing still while taking damage. Although the game doesn’t crash, there are instances, where the “program stopped responding” notification, pops up while left-clicking, giving me the option to close it or wait for it to respond.

This freezing issue can occur at any point during the game, including the loading screen, while navigating menus in the keep, or during missions. It doesn’t seem to be triggered by any specific in-game action.

I’ve monitored the game’s performance on another monitor using the task manager. The CPU and GPU usage remain within normal limits, and there is sufficient memory available (32 gigs), which should be more than enough for any program to function properly. During gameplay, the CPU utilization reaches a maximum of 30-50% same for memory.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Queue for any mission or wait around the keep.
  2. Wait for the freezing issue to occur.


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
May 30th - June 3rd at 12:00 UTC

Reproduction Rate:
Often at about 2-5 times per mission.

Console Log: (171.7 KB)

user_settings.config: (217.3 KB)

This one may be mod-related. I can see multiple errors in the log pertaining to the Crosshair Kill Confirmation mod. Please try disabling this (and possibly all mods) and check if the issue persists.

When I uninstalled my graphics drivers through the Device Manager and then reinstalled them, the issue resolved itself.

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Ah nice one! Glad to hear the issue is resolved and thanks for sharing how :slight_smile:

Well, I figured it might be the drivers because I had also recently updated my nVidia drivers. In case of some kind of driver corruption, software conflict, or an incomplete update I decided to wipe it clean in the device manager by removing my GPU and then reinstalling the drivers.

In any case, everything is working now.

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