Game Freeze/Crash at end of missions

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About 1/4th of the time, maaaybe 1/5th, when I finish a mission and the game takes me to the summary screen with all 4 Rejects to give EXP/Rewards, the game will freeze, go unresponsive, and require to be force-stopped and re-launched. This happens at a frequency that is making it much less enjoyable to play the game, as I only have time for an hour or two a day, if that, on average. So twice, and sometimes three times, a session.

Upon launching the game, I have all rewards from said mission, I am never losing out on EXP/currencies/items, but the entire process of having to relaunch the game and sit through multiple loading screens at startup is beginning to discourage my playing.

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Play missions until lockup.

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No, I don’t use mods

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Unusual (<25%)

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PC - Steam

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