Game keeps freezing mid match every 1 to 3 games

Hey guys I’ve bought the game a couple of days ago and I’ve been loving so far. I’ve played around 20 hours or so. But I get a crash every 1 to 3 games mid round which kinda sucks. Is has surely happened around 10 times or more

So when I’m playing a game the screen freezes and the sound continues for a while but then also freezes. After a bit the game stops and I get a crash support which is never the same. I didn’t start copying the crash reports up till now. so this is the only one I’ve got but it’s always a different GUID

GUID: ea28bf81-db71-43e0-9bfa-b1769daa9414
Log File:
Info Type:

I’ve tried al the standard things you find whenever you google this issue.
Change your worker cores ( I tried 1 till 6), Remove the anticheat program and reinstall it, reinstall the game , verify the steam files. Update my drivers, put on a fps lock, Lower the settings etc.

I’m at a total loss here. I would love to play the game more.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Could you try switching to DirectX 11 within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu if you haven’t already, please?

I’ll try that now! (I think I started on 11 before I started messing with the other settings) II’ll get back to you!

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