More Purple outfits please!

I got a really awesome purple outfit for Ranger Veteran and I’ve been wondering if every hero and class has a purple outfit.

If you have one, please post a screenshot.

I would like to see more purple outfits as the one I got is really nice looking.

Please let all heroes/classes have purple outfits! I want everyone to be covered in purple velvet!

Why can’t we all have little Princes running around Helmgart?

I think you should post this into lounge and not feedback.

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Using mods to show all available cosmetics, the answer would be no. Only some classes have purple outfits.

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Theyre not all purple like RV.
The main colour schemes for Bogen skins are blue, grey, and purple.
I have most of them. Will do my best to post some screens when I get home.

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Thank you!

Thats some kind RNG

I guess lol. Would prefer more Bogen hats.
For armor skins so far I have:

Only missing WS, Hunts, Slayer, and Merc.

Still working on screens. Was pretty consumed with the new event last night.

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Im just saying thats great RNG, I have 2 skins after doing every challenge but 1, and every weekly.

I just want more purple outfits. The one I got for Bardin is absolutely beautiful! I get compliments on it all the time when I play his RV career. Kruber and Sienna would definitely look amazing in purple!

I got really lucky with that drop!

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