Keri purple skin

Can we get a normal skin tone option for shade? It’s my favorite class but the purple skin starting to ruin it for me. Or maybe skin tones in general for all classes just for more customizations. Rewards and purchasable cosmetics?

How? It’s a first person game. You are never going to see your character’s skin tone of all things in normal play?

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I press x a lot to see the character and chill with my friends at base and use a lot of the emotes. Also I see my fingers all the time and reminds me I’m a grape ape. I like taking screenshots too.

I’m sure it doesn’t bother everybody, but just giving my personal feedback, if others feel same and is note worthy; would like options.

Why do people get cosmetics if they “never see their character”? We’ll some do and it’s what keeps some of them coming back.

TBH for exactly this reason I’ve always cared much more about weapon skins personally. That said I can understand the appeal of getting yourself decked out in a nice outfit you at least know your teammates will see moreso in moment to moment combat than a skin tone on a heavily garbed character.

All that said really not here to start a pointless argument about preference.

All very fair and well explained. Thanks for the detailed response. Was just genuinely curious.

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