More general criticism

getting a single kill in counter strike is far more rewarding, especially so against better opponents.
i simply don’t have the addictive urge to level/improve/play as i did a month ago. started 3 months ago or so.

there’s less of an urge to continue playing for the gameplay factor than there is for a ‘numeric’ weapon stat gambling feature.
like chasing ‘sniper’ and ‘specialist’ quickkills

karnak twins is okay, not enough teamwork or synergy is available for pugs to do hard mode. systematically prohibitive, not by true difficulty, to a degree, not saying it is easy. lots of non-hard mode completed

game is now objectively too difficult with too little reward per timing,
‘games’ are by definition casual.
cater to casual players and allow a limitless skill ceiling to develop adaptively.
the planned and predictable playstyle is less enticing than something that can promote tighter ‘sensory’ development
:flow of enemies is now much better, as a mention

pvp is a difficult frontier
battlerite failed because of a developed battle royale that apparently didn’t take off, and killed the company. it just had a ‘lackluster’ pvp audience
monster hunter world is taking off again despite being a game with old gameplay and no pvp, just team pve, because of hype around its new installment that literally only features open world vs ‘instances’

that people were fickle and needed to be sold on goodwill was hopefully a lesson that developers have learnt from the last 13 years. and so on.

what exactly was the reinforcement of negative experience for? wasn’t it more effective to highlight the negative experience of ‘others’?


Drop the game difficulty level.

What is this even supposed to mean? If you don’t like how “difficult” the game is for you, don’t play with hard modifiers, don’t play on damnation or whatever difficulty you find “hard”.


Damnation is pretty easy once you get good to do it.

I’ve had tons of players in my damnation games recently who just suck. Sounds like you might be one of them?

Play heresy for a couple more months and focus on getting better habits if you want the game to become easier

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was either of what of you said necessary?

upcoming scab boss looks interesting

i’m just asking for more sophistication, in everything

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Yes it was, if I got your sentiment right, you won’t to make the game easier because you find it too hard. If so lower the dificulty when joining missions for yourself. The world doesn’t end on you, people have different prefereces to you. Why should their choice be limited for sake of yours, because you are apparently unwilling to join missions with lower dififculty?

People enjoy games for different reasons than you. The difficulty levels and modifiers are there to cater to variety of needs. Just use the interface to customise it for yourself.

Yea what you are saying doesn’t make sense to me.

“Games are casual”

“Make the hardest difficulty in the game easier”

“I don’t want to hear about the more casual difficulties”

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