Mordhau - or how to improve fighting system

On this picture you can see a gentleman holding his sword for the blade, turning it into improvised hammer to cause more damage to his armored opponent. This is an actual historical technique, used in middle ages by knights against heavy armored infantry on the battlefield, as well as on duels. And my point is you can apply similar techniques to almost every weapon in the game.
For example, you can turn halberd back side for its spike, that way you can deal more anti-armor damage to a single target.
Or you can put your hand closer to hammer head to deal fast close-ranged attacks, or you can hold hammer closer to end of the pole to deal massive heavy swings against multiple enemies.
What i want to propose is to add different fighting stances for weapons that was designed to be versatile and fight effectively against different kinds of opponents. That way you can switch stances by simply pressing the button, you won’t have to worry about chaos warriors or current meta, and just use weapon that you like.

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Too late to implement all of that in to the game now im afraid. But if you are interested in such things you should check out the game by the same name “mordhau”

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Oh, I’d certainly like to see these techniques used more, in this game or others, but I agree with Osvi in that we’re unlikely to see that significant changes in the game for now. There is a chance for major animation and attack pattern reworks somewhere down the line, but they’re a lot of work, especially if the weapon’s patterns work well enough otherwise.

One thing that could still happen (and one that I will crusade for until it happens) is some more use for the Weapon Special button. At the moment, it’s used by one weapon and two Careers on a few weapons, plus a temporary weapon. That’s way too little use to learn to use it effectively, unless you concentrate on those particular weapons and careers. Hands up, how many of you didn’t know that Weapon Special could be used to drop the Torch without changing your weapon? It would give us a lot of chances of adding unusual attacks to weapons that stand outside their normal light attack - heavy attack - push-attack patterns. Murder-stroke or half-swording could be one, as could hooking with axes, banging one’s shield to get attention and so on.


I know that game, thank you. I just wanted to see smth similar in Vermintide, think it would be a great compliment the game.

I just thought that we wouldn’t need new weapons in a while, if Fatshark would implement smth like that.

All aboard the Weapon Special hype train, choo choo.

It really is strange that we don’t have more weapons utilising this potential. The rapier pistol is fantastic both utility-wise but also for the style and feel of the weapon.

I feel like the added push-attacks kind of stole the Weapon Specials spot in VT2, which is where you’ll find some very strong and “alternate” attacks for a lot of the weapons (like dual axes, 2h sword, sword&dagger, halberd etc etc).

I would absolutely love for Fatshark to bring some more moveset variety to all the weapons with the Weapon Special, whether it be through “unique/utility” moves or moves that can chain into light or heavy attacks. But then that would be more animation work / coming up with what moves to add. And then there’s the whole balancing aspect to it as well, the bigger the movesets of the weapons, the harder they might be to balance and differentiate from other weapons.

Maybe in VT3 :grin:


I have yet to find a game in which increasing realism made it less fun or less interesting. Vermintide with realistic medieval (save magic) combat would be epic.

The physics engine of Vermintide 2 is very simple and would not be able to do much of what you described. Perhaps somethings could be tweaked. Any mods that add realism would also have to reduce the number of enemies you fight, as well.

That’s because in game design, even if realism is appreciated, gameplay always trumps it, and when realism is taken too far it will drain some fun away. Imagine having to control both weapons separately while dual-wielding, for example. Complicated controls, very hard to find a sensible control scheme, and not really that many people who even could do it. And shields and polearms would rule over all other weapons, rendering many other nearly useless.

There is a place for realism in games, but too much isn’t a good thing. If you want to see an interesting example, try a small game called Receiver.


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