I hope this helps to improves the animation of "pole-arm" weapons in the game


Every time you post something like this, there always the same problem:
“Now what?”

Do you think Fatshark will suddenly go and redo the old animations?
The best we can hope for is to get something new like Bret. Longsword with some nice gimmicks, but that’s it.

The combat system has a concrete foundation, partially based on Vermintide 1.
No matter how much upset community gets, we are not going to get a Warhammer Version of Mordhau/Kingdom Come.

Sorry if I was a bit rude or harsh in this post, but I just genuinely can’t see the point of some of those posts.
If I am missing something - feel free to prove me wrong.


I just hope an improved animations or change on move-set/combo. for the Tzeentch


No, I don’t need yet another “just walking/running while your uppder body is swinging” things. Kingdom Come doesn’t tho. The good examples are: Blood Borne, Dark Souls, Etc. It’s move is actually rather more close to in real life thing than Mordhau, Mount and Blade, Chivalry.

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Do you realize how clunky and unwieldy Bloodborne/Soulslike combat system is?

Vermintide is a game with a very fluid combat and extreme freedom of movement.
You are suggesting to add a clunky combat system, designed for games in Third Person, to be put into a very fast paced, First Person hack and slash.
Just think for a moment, why Mordhau and Chivalry were done the way they are.

Edit: My main point is - your suggestion goes in contradiction to what made the game feel so good for many people.


The lower body just walk or running while upper body is swinging or something else is bloody weird.

In real life, when make a move(attack), your lower body - the legs should be stay on the ground. You can make a move with stepping forward or backward tho.

But anyway, when end of the move, your legs should be stay on the ground.

And because it is the in real life - martial arts thing. It is looks natural.

I don’t mean the Vermintide should goes that way.

For the last, as someone knows how to make a move (I did a boxing a little and so on). Mount and Blade, Chivalry, Mordhau’s move is way too awkward and unnatural.

You are trying to apply Real Life logic to game mechanics.

I know how physics work and I agree that lack of footwork makes attack animations look weird or downright stupid. But that’s how the combat system is done in this game.
If you were to apply real life logic to Vermintide - characters would have to be much less agile and some weapons would be literally unusable (2h Hammer, reverse grip dual daggers).
But right now we have what we have.

You oftentimes suggest things like changing animations… Do you know how much work it takes? I am not saying it’s an impossible task or something. But I am trying to be realistic.
Creating new animations for a weapon costs money.
We don’t know if FS uses hand-made animations or if they are motion-captured, but both options are not as easy as “just do it”. You have to pay employees for the work. You have to test and polish the animations to look good.
And you want them to change animations for existing weapons. Not new dlc weapons, which recover their cost with the price tag.

I know, you have good intentions for the game.
Personally, I would love to see a halfswording stab animation on Kruber’s 2h Sword.
But we have to be reasonable with what we ask for. Otherwise it’s just wishful thinking and empty talk with no resolution.


OP started with “animations”, you went off-topic about “combat system”.

Halberd got lots of combo changes, now it has Light sweep into Heavy sweep infinite chain, both strikes go from the same side, same attack angle. Very choppy and not smooth transition. Just picture it - Heavy sweep is done, the weapon head is on the left side, then you click Light attack (which is fast to start), the weapon rocks insanely fast to the initial position, attack starts and it goes the other way, also very fast. Its janky.

What should be done? Revert combos to pre BBB? Replace the Heavy sweep animation? Do nothing? All are not ideal decisions imo, but i’d pick 1st one, with stats rebalance to achieve the same thing - effectiveness and variety.

OP, where do you see room for improvement? In what polearms & attacks? Maybe bill?


Ok so I know we very rarely see eye-to-eye on these things :sweat_smile: but this would be my ideal fix

there’s a sweep in that video that goes back and forth utilizing the back spike, that’d be swell imo

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Animations are directly tied to the combat system in this case


you realize that most likely, due to ingame logic, it would be a singletarget attack?
It could look very cool, but in gameplay terms it would be the same as pre-BBB combo of Light 1 sweep → Heavy 2 stab (also repeatable combo).
I’m all for it, but

  1. this combo would need a good stat balance across the whole weapon, to be viable (same as polishing old design, but with more animation work on top);
  2. didn’t you called stuff like this (sweep into heavy stab repeatable combo) a silly thing? And a reason why everyone opted for pushstab spam and Light 1 block cancel spam.

doesn’t have to be

could also just have the sweep come from the other direction similar to how billhook pushatack works

what would the damage & cleave profile be like in your preference?

i dislike sweeps from opposite side on bill, because its uncharacteristic for long polearms usage, you can do it, but it would be ineffective, slower, riskier. One can say that our heroes are superhumans and all that, so what? Still no sense to use a worse technique for a given weapon type, because with better technique, they would be even faster / more powerful.

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literally the same as what it has currently, it’s a very well balanced weapon rn and very well liked.

Again after all this time I’ve only seen a handful of people (like 8 or 9) dislike the halberd changes and even then it seems strictly animation related for most of them. Whereas the other 60+ instances of feedback I’ve received have been very positive. I wouldn’t wanna change anything outside making the animations look a little cleaner.


Halberd broken, change my mind.

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point taken

I’ll add a third sweep to the combo to balance it out

Ok so real talk (wall of text incoming, sorry):

New Halberd is something that is genuinely well liked by the community at large, Fatshark also apparently liked it enough to include it in the game. I can fully understand some gripes with animations with some of the new weapons (another example would be the one handed sorta “slap” sweep with Spear and Shield). However when it comes to the stats and combos Halberd has, the weapon is in a better place now than before from pretty much any measurable metric relevant to the game. I’m not going to sit here and be like “you’re wrong” when it comes to the animations, because I get it, and that end of things is ultimately subjective in terms of how important it is to a person’s experience with a weapon. The crux of the issue is that at this point I’ve only seen 3 people actually be vocal about disliking halberd’s animations and that’s strictly talking about animations, not the stats or combos themselves. As for combos…2 people I’ve seen be vocal about it. Everyone other instance of feedback I’ve seen has been positive, and that ranges from people who don’t play much halberd, or kruber, to people who have dedicated thousands of hours to Kruber and Halberd itself. So do forgive me for getting a little impatient with this topic since it keeps coming up despite the above and it’s starting to feel a little “no fun allowed”.


Or it could be a single-target/low-cleave armour piercing move. I think it would fits well for follow up right next to the current 1st Light diagonal (from right-up to down-left) sweep.

I just want to the video that I posted above there helps to make the animation of pole-arms in game better.

And about the “irl foot work thing” ppl keep saying; It does not has to be done. I just want a better attack/strike animations. That’s all. I know those “irl food work” thing would change the game a LOT.


And that’s why they don’t change the grip, but just did a reverse-swing(?). It’s like international thing for all the polearms that exist/existed.

There’s no time to change the grip. So, just pull up!

But I didn’t say about foot work. You know, “when the rend the move, your foot should be on the ground at the end”.