Suggestion: More special weapon attacks

So, the rapier has always been one of th only weapons to have a bonus extra trick to it compared to other weapons. I think this is a great design space that doesn’t get used enough, and I’d love to see more special weapon attacks that expand a characters options.

For instance:

Bolt Staff: Special attack, stab Infront of yourself with the spikey end

Battle sceptre: build up some overcharge but deal extra dot damage from the flaming head

Slayer axes: chuck a slowish moving axe

Duel daggers: chuck a slow moving dagger

2h sword: Pommel smash for single target armor piercing damage and stagger




or just unscrew the pommel and end them rightly.


I agree. Seems kind of a waste to have a keybinding only for the rapier and bow zoom. Special attacks on every weapon could add a lot of flavor to weapons and make people consider their weapon of choice even more.

I’ll add some examples myself because hwy the hell not:

Mace & shield- frontal shield bash during block(consumes stamina) that knocks back and deals damage.

Elven 2h sword- 360 degree twirl that consumes 2 stamina

Marksman rifles- barrel stab

there’s so much potential in this with all different kinds of weapons for each class.

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barrel stab, without a bayonett? I think a bash with the shaft would make more sense

desperate times call for desperate measures.(and adding a bayonet stab would require a lot more work because they’d have to model and add a bayonet on the rifles)

as i said, a bash with the rifle butt would make more sense and it could recuse the animation of the blunderbuss/Grudge Raker


a basic bayonett attachment is super easy to model though. but i agree bash would be easier.

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Grudgeraker: Fire both barrels at once.


There is a method of fighting with a 2hander where you grip the sword by the blade (using gauntlets) and use the pommel/crossbars to puncture armor. The idea being that you put much more force onto a smaller point providing armor penetration.

Considering that takes quite a bit to animate, a 2hander pommel bash is easier for everyone involved.

But yeah, basically, I just want more special weapon attacks. This lets you really diversify weapons beyond hit pattern, armor pen, and crit chance because it allows you to add something unique to every type of weapon. In V1 that was all you really needed to care about, but once the game gets spreadsheeted we’ll see the same thing in V2. If however you needed to choose not just between different sets of numbers but also something neat like slamming the ground with the two handed hammer to knock adjacent foes down verses becoming a dwarven clock with a great-axe that would be neat.


Good post is good.

+1 For the Bardin Slayer Axe throw. Would not only be satisfying to land the throw, but would help shore up his limited range weakness.

As for the axe or dagger weapons having a ‘slowish’ move speed, I’m fine with them being projectiles and not hitscan. They’d need to be high damage with a limited inventory.

Well, the champion on the war camp level throws his axe and it comes back to him, could an axe wielding player get that ability?

I doubt it, but you could do a thing where you can pick it up. Or that the weapon regenerates, or with limited ammunition…or you could just have it be like Salts pistol. If Salt has infinite pistols, why not let Elf have infinite daggers and Slayer have infinite axes?


Yeah that could be cool. I was also thinking that one handed weapons could do something with their off hand like grab. You could grapple a man sized enemy and start stabbing them with your other weapon, or pull their shields away so you could finally kill those yellow stormvermin.

I think its a good idea, but like with saltspyre it should be limited to short range. If we give everyone unlimted ranged abilities groups might just spam those attacks till kingdom come.

The grab on one-handed weapon is a great idea :open_mouth: The advantages of o-h is actually pretty low, so it would put them on a shield dealer wich is pretty good

We could have some weapon doing special strike that let ennemy bleed, for some DoT damage that aren’t poison or fire. Like an upstrike with exec sword that proc DoT on non armoured

Great idea! I was thinking about the bleeding damage thing too. Shouldn’t be to hard since ther eis DoTs already in the game.

I would LOVE it if the weapon special button fired both barrels of the Grudge-Raker.

This would be amazing. When you don’t have a shield in your offhand, its not necessarily useless in the least bit. Grappling is definitely a huge part of close fighting with swords and the like. Even if it was as simple as just putting the target into a generic staggered state, that alone would be enough to give the one handers a niche usefulness (without being too extreme) that I don’t think is properly realized.

I recently started playing and was introduce to our Lord and Savior, Baehook. Saltzspyre get’s all of the great weapons, really. I too would like to see more special attacks with weapons. I think it would give people some more incentive when choosing what weapon to main. Here are some ideas I had;

  • Throwing Axes: Vertical melee attack. *

  • Saltz/Kruber’s Dual Weapons: Stab with sword/falchion. *

  • Dual Axes/Daggers/Hammers: Toggle auto attack. *

  • Sword and Dagger: Kerillian throws the dagger and equips a new one with cooldown. *

  • Halberd: Uses the rear spike as a hook (like billhook but maybe without stagger).

  • Glaive, Kruber’s Spear: Leg sweep enemy.

  • Bolt Staff and Beam Staff: Forward thrust like a spear.

  • Flame Staff and Conflag Staff: Downward strike like the halberd’s.

  • Sienna’s Melee Weapons: She could coat them in flame at the cost of overcharge. Additionally, she should be able to vent with melee.

  • Two Handed Swords: Someone else suggested a pommel smash, it’s a great idea. *

  • Bows: Thrust attack with an arrow. *

  • Shield weapons: Light aggro effect, character beats shield against weapon. This effect would obviously not be as effective as IB’s alt. It would probably have to be based on the weapon’s angle (preferably vanilla angle).

These are just a few simple ideas I came up with while contemplating the almighty Baehook. Some of these are ideas I’m hard set on. I’ve included a helpful little asterisk (*) next to those. Others are just brainstorming ideas I just came up with. I almost never check these forums so sorry in advance if I’m sluggish to respond or never do.

The game needs LESS special attack weapons not more.