I hope Bretonnian Longsword and Shield’s light attack patterns changed

I hope Bretonnian Longsword and Shield’s attack patterns changed

For a light attacks:

  • Red is1st: Diagonal swing that starts from over the right shoulder. High cleave.

  • Yellow is 2nd: Horizontal swing that start from the left side. High cleave.

  • Green is 3rd: Narrow diagonal swing that starts from over the right shoulder. Single or very low cleave, high damage, armour piercing.

  • And maybe left shield slam as a 4th light. Or make it as a 1st heavy.

That’s all I want for now. Thank you reading.


Yeah as it is right now, the bretonnian sword and shield is only useful to bash and push enemies, but other than that it’s move set , especially the light combo, is just bad, most of the time you end up missing the enemies you were aiming at because of the direction of the first 2 light swings.

It’s only saving grace is the shield bash combo, but even that pales in comparison to the push/bash combos of others shielded weapons, which dont drain your stamina instantly. But im afraid we wont be seeing a rework of it anytime soon, if ever, considering it would require new animations and hitboxes. But one change that i would love on it would be for the first heavy attack to be switched into the heavy shield bash, since it’s better then it’s light counterpart at generating THP.

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