Mobs spawning and despawning/invisible mobs is out of control

Most of the time what I experience is mobs spawning and despawning as you approach a new area, or mobs going invisible as they climb or what have you, just like what is shown above. Unless slave rats have a new plunge attack while exiting a spawn point I’m unaware of, this is getting really silly.

For the first second, I look around the corner and see the horde coming, and prioritize targets as I know those directly to my left will be for a brief moment perform landing animation, and as I do so, I am instantly attacked by a rat popping into existence. You can even see the rat directly in front of me performing this crouching animation as it lands, but the one to my left did not.

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You can see that rat jump out of the window, not sure what you expect.

I expect the rat to actually perform animations rather than just teleporting down and instantly swinging. You know, like the one I prioritize first the moment before I’m hit.

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