Spawning/Despawning enemies

I’m sure this should go into the bugs section, but I need to get some video of it, so until then it’s feedback.

(Below: I used the term “Rats” alot, what I mean by it is enemies, chaos stuff is just as affected by this.)

I’m seeing enemies Spawn very close to me, this is at it’s most obvious when your dead and tied up. ad the active players approach and retreat you can see the enemies spawn and de-spawn at your location, but I’ve seen enemies de-spawn once you activate them, as if the very act of activation moves them just far enough away to de-spawn.

It’s frustrating that this spawn/de-spawn range can be quite close I’ve been with in dash range on occasion on some maps when some thing has de-spawned. I’m not talking about ambush/horde/special spawns, I’m just talking about random stuff that is on the map and not active.

I’m sure this is some kind of optimisation code for lower end PC’s and normally it seems that the range to spawn has no effect on if the rat is going to be there, ie, if you run back then forwards and back and forwards the same rats always spawn and de-spawn in the same positions, but occasionally the rats just vanish… I’ve even had rats de-spawn/vanish while I was lining up head shots on them, which seems bizarre as I’m not changing my range on them at all, and they have not been activated.

For me this is worse than the key not spawning on convocation of decay, or any of the career imbalances, or tomes not dropping correctly, or the time I died and could see the speed potion I dropped but not the health pot, (someone else could see it, and pick it up. Which also happens with tomes.) or the tome/health pack swap loss on the second tome of empire in flames, or a door is closed for one player but open for another, or the gates on warcamp being impassible for you if you spawn in at the wrong time.

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