Rats Fall Into Walls

I’d like to report an issue of enemies falling into walls.
After being pushed right into it, they disappear for a moment and then show up again.
I faced this bug as client only, I think, and it also appeared after Chaos Wastes update.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play the game (as a client?).
  2. Shove something into a wall.
  3. Watch it disappear and appear again.

Here’s a small video example:

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Ill second this bug. Managed to knock a SV down into a wall on “Into The Nest”. So he was in a double staggered state. The SV was still alive and I was against the wall so it could still do its overhead attack which killed me instantly.

I dont know the exact details to replicate this but it appears to be a rat thing since ive yet to perform this one on chaos enemies.

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