Spinemanglr disappearance

Issue Summary:
Well, while we were fighting that big armored rat, he chose to stand in his “defensive” stance right next to blocked exit. Im not sure if we did something beside hitting him with our melee weapons, but he suddenly went through the wooden wall where the exit was and disappeared underneath the stairs. His health bar was still visible and we could hear his angry battle noises, yet we couldn’t see him nor spot him.

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Well, shoot, I haven’t heard of this one before. Did you use any particular knockback abilities while he was in the corner?

It might be that bombs, charges, Kruber shouts, and WHC shouts could displace him into the wall and make him think he can walk through it?

We had twice a similar thing with rasknitt. In certain corners he can be pushed out of boundary (with ults and/or bombs) which kills him on any HP, and then you can proceed to the end of the level.

Would you mind uploading the console log from this particular session, please? It would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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