Mixed feelings about community managers

First off, I must ask, why are you supporting practices that don’t serve to benefit you. You pay for a game then have to pay additional costs to get access to parts of the game that you already purchased. In what world is this a beneficial transaction. How are you benefiting from an MTX Shop in a non free to play title. Unless you work for Fatshark and or are an investor of this company, you, as a consumer, don’t benefit at all from this exchange. Only the investors do. Essentially, Fatshark is cutting up pieces of a game that you already purchased to then repackage and sell back at you for a profit; you’re being exploited for no gain on your end.

If you apply some logic to this equation you’d realize you’re the sucker here.

This is such a trite argument. Darktide has, in my estimations, surpassed half a million units already. Using the formulas found on this article: Video Game Insights - Games industry data and analysis (must emphasis these are estimations there is always a margin of error with these things) I’m able to determine the following:

36888 × 20 ÷ 1.07 = 689,495
36888 × 55 ÷ 1.07 = 1,896,112

The above is: Number of Reviews x The Review multipliers from the end of the article / The overestimation error indicated in the last paragraph. With the result being a range of possible sales values. So based on the Boxleiter ratios I roughly estimate that the game sold somewhere around 689,495 - 1,896,112 copies.

The point being made is precisly that Fatshark has made more than enough profits to sustain themselves for the next quarter. Let’s not forget, once again, that Fatshark is being backed by one of the biggest tech conglomerates: Tencent. They don’t need a sucker to defend their egregious monetization model.


Honestly, I just wish they weren’t drip-feeding us a half-baked crafting system that’ll punish us for using it and that I could pick what level I’d want to play on, as well as the difficulty of it. But hey, Modern Gaming :tm:.


I hate how first Fatshark stated that they want to minimise the RNG and now we learn that you can only reroll one of the perks on your items. Wow


In my opinion, it wouldn’t be as bad as it sounds if it didn’t have the possibility to ‘brick’ items, with the re-rolls and whatnot.

I agree with many of the things you bring up, but this is not true. Vermintide 2 followed a similar pattern to that of Darktide, but for slightly different reasons. They launched at 75k, dropped two thirds of the player within a month, and dropped below 10k within two months. If that will be better or worse than the current release is hard to tell.

If I remember correctly the main gripes at VT2 launch were:

  • the many backend errors - FS didn’t expect the large amount of players (and certainly other things as well)
  • the many many bugs - took development time from other thing, most fixes they applied broke previously fixed stuff
  • the roadmap - promises of dedicated servers and more
  • (the slow start / progression barrier)

I believe another point of contention was the time where they dropped nearly all support for the pc version of the game because they were contractually obligated to work on a console version.

While that would not be a bad thing if VT2 was running fine, the game was at the time figuratively on fire with bugs and other issues that had persisted from launch.

This did not occur at launch, but we were still in the honeymoon phase and had more or less endured patches that broke 2 things for the 1 thing they fixed from the time of launch up to the time they had to start working on the console version.

Players were not happy.


Okay, I’ll grant you the third thing regarding weapons. I’d say being a couple weapons short of stated goal is unfortunate.

Criticizing the game is entirely valid and providing feedback is obviously something the want or they wouldn’t have so many ways to engage with the community. For a live service game it is critical even.

However, what I am addressing is not just feedback and criticism. I’m not sure if you’re personally responsible and I’m not going to scan your post history to verify. But what is happening is a few upset gamers are having an incredibly toxic meltdown over things they have imagined or feel entitled to. They are using all the avenues of communication to abuse Fatshark because of a completely disproportionate emotional response and not one grounded in any sort of reality.

This behavior which is incredibly normalized in the gaming community is damaging the relationship between Fatshark and the players. It’s not conducive to the long-term success of the game. You can certainly get what you want in life by bullying people until they give in. But if you are the person on the other end of that, that feels shitty and unfulfilling. For those who are happy with the service or at least optimistic about it long-term, it is shitty to see people push the service provider in a direction or way that doesn’t align with your feelings.

They’ve added QOL features to their previous games without having their intelligence, personal competency, motivations, etc. come under fire. You can look at various examples in games where feedback is provided without the clouding of childish, emotional rage, and game devs respond in kind. You get more dialogue, more openness and transparency. But why do that when you’re going to get unfairly shredded?


There is obvious accessory rails, of course there was cut attachment system.

Braced autogun also didn’t fit their description(back when they had description) which stated the sight were removed when models clearly had them on(which tells me this entire class of autogun was actually what was salvaged from a scrapped cod-like system of interchangeable barrel, stock…etc. based on the same/similar receiver/s).

Not sure why he tries to deny it.


I can agree with some of that, but its not like this is a road we have not traveled down before with this developer.

They got a lot of negative feedback on VT2 due to bugs, optimization, things not being added to the game while being on their roadmap (which is why they dont really do roadmaps anymore), lack of content, low effort content when the content eventually got released, WoM being what it is, and a plethora of other complaints.

We eventually ended up with a good, even a great, game. It just took several years and severe player drop off to get to that point.

So a lot of the negativity comes from VT2 players that had to deal with all of the above, players that hoped that Fatshark would take the knowledge they gained from their previous game and incorporate that into their new game, but now see that we seem to be in for another cycle of the same things we already had to deal with during the development of their previous title.
These players are probably the more vocal of Fatsharks detractors, because they know that Fatshark can make a good game, but feel frustrated because it seems like Fatshark mindwiped their entire development team before starting on Darktide.

Basically people feel like they need to bash the devs over the head with their feedback to be heard, because thats more or less what it took for them to get changes implemented for VT2.
Heck, if my memory serves me right, it took a lot of negative feedback just to get the devs to start communicating with the players and eventually deploy community managers to defuse the situation.
Of course this is not the healthiest way to communicate, but like i alluded to earlier, if people feel like the only way to be heard is to yell, then you are gonna get a lot of yelling.


Completely valid criticisms and why they are in my OP.

My experience is that it works as stated.

Haven’t experienced this and searching the forums doesn’t seem to reveal any other complaints. At best there may be an occasionally bug or it is underpowered/undertuned. But not in the realm of unfinished.

Seems to behave as expected most of the time. Sometimes it seems like if you close the distance between an enemy when he’s started a shooting animation that they don’t switch to melee right away. Maybe a bug? I wonder if Zealots or Ogryns hit it more often, I haven’t played much of those classes yet.

Valid points! I personally considered the crashes under performance.

Works though? Certainly able to be criticized! But also completely optional and has no impact on gameplay.

Fair but was addressed by FS.

When did they ever tout a weapon mod system?


I dont know which thread i saw the post in but i did see evidence of a promise to be able to mod weapons for some things like changing scopes. There was some footage/screenshots of lasguns that have ironsights rn having some scopes im promotional footage.

It doesn’t work like that though.
Find it and post it.

Alright; Darktide release and some of its design choices have been really disapointing, I can agree with that. So far I’ve posted a lot of critisism on it as well.

But they way a lot of the “feedback” to this game is phrased - and the pure vitriol being spewed over FS in general and the CMs / Hedge in particular - is just crazy. That’s also a very valid point of critisism to make as well. There’s a clear difference between harsh negative feedback, and pure insults and hatred borne out of frustration. And regarding Darktide there’s been hell of a lot of the latter.

Imagine being a CM and dealing with that büllshit all day. Up to and including literal death threaths, aimed at you personally. Some of those reddit threads alone, sheesh. And that’s not even taking the steam forums in account. And at the same time you have to defend very dubious design choices that you yourself are probably also critical about as well.

Look, some of Hedge’s reactions might have been a bit flippant, but can you seriously blame him, knowing the kind of filth he’s dealing with all day? And now imagine some concerned Karen making a forum post with cherry picked and contextless comments he made, dedicated to him personally being blamed for the bad community reaction to a flawed release, like they were doing his yearly review or some shït… Honestly, if I were Hedge I’d just reply to this thread with a middlefinger emoji or something.

What are you hoping to accomplish here anyways? Hedge coming in and proverbially falling down on his knees to beg for forgiveness, after which he’ll only post replies that everybody can feel happy about? And then what? Darktide will somehow be better?

Be critical about Darktide’s status. Be angry about it. Give harsh feedback, and call out broken promises. But no use whining about how one specific CM’s replies are hurting your feelings, especially pretending some of what he’s posting exists in a vacuum.


yes they did mention weapon attatchments by name

source: Warhammer 40,000: Darktide to Have Customizable Characters, Left 4 Dead-Style ‘Director’ AI | TechRaptor

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That article is a reference to the Edge Magazine article, not from any interview with Fatshark.

The Edge Magazine article in context is only saying that you will be able to customize the Lasgun, which has a specific meaning in 40k. And what is in the game today is represents that, there are Lasgun variants with and without scopes, with torch or bayonet, etc. i.e. you don’t just get like the 6 ranged weapons.

They also in all of the content since that article never mentioned anything about having attachment style weapon customization. And finally, Hedge’s comments should put to bed the misconception.

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There are no quotes there.
To add to what Dizzy721 mentioned, it could Techradar or Edge filling in the blanks themselves. People are prone to assume things based on what’s being said and soemtimes those assumptions are wrong.

Things often get twisted when writing articles. A small insignificant change here, and another over there and suddenly you have misunderstandings. The entire article reads from the perspective on the writers understanding of the game. Doesn’t read like it’s from direct communication with Fatshark.

Not saying it’s not possible that Fatshark has gone back on their words, but I don’t think this article is proof of such.

hang on wrong image
dev promise 1
i forget the source on this one though. but it does exist


better quote, but no source!

Take not I do believe they went back on their word. I merely critique on the basic question “does this hold up as proof?”.

It is from page 62 of the July 2022 edition #372 of Edge Magazine.


i was typing up this big thing about how i was not going to rest until i found the source. but there we go