Mixed feelings about community managers

Perfect :slight_smile:

actually the most accurate sum up of all the wrongs. +1

Whats giving me headache are the ppl who say “its getting fixed in the future”.

Oh sorry, so its alright to sell a subpar product from the get go and we, the players, have to be patient and happy cause they will eventually fix it in the future.

Next time i buy a car and it has only 3 wheels attached, i will not worry either, cause they will fix it eventually in the future.

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I have done it, StalkR. I have taken away the gun that was pointed at your head that required you to purchase and play on day 1.

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I also wonder where has gadgets gone. It seems curios were added in the last moment, no blessings on them like it was in V2, just a bucnh of properities, some of which are useless like +exp.

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It still amazes me that people will simp for liars
Not only did FS lie in our faces
Hedge smears that sh*t even further with his stupid coments about crafting

IF FS apologized 2 days after launch, that they have failed and lied to us AND that they are working on bringing the cut features ASAP
IF they communicated every other day
But they are doing f*ckall neither and hedge deserve every single thing written here twice over for his arrogant and patronizing responses


Multiple types would indeed be nice.

I also miss variations of pick-ups during the missions, where are the potion equivalents?

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And again you made an absolutely dumbass comment.

So its okay how Fatshark is acting with their game/communication because i was “stupid” enough to buy this game at Day1. Thats their/your excuse?

i. e. its perfecty fine to release a subpar/broken/unfinished product, cause everyone buying this product on release is stupid and if they are complaining later on about X or Y - its their own fault, cause they dared to buy a FULLY RELEASED PRODUCT ON DAY 1?

Are you frkn serious?!


You get staggered out of sliding… That’s hardly evading. It doesn’t do as it says it does.

Suppression isn’t as much of an issue for most people, because they don’t play Damnation and stuff just falls over immediately. But most of the time on Damnation it just flat out does not work. They will not cower, run away or hide behind cover… They just turn and start blasting at you. That’s not working.

Behaving as expected means that it just works, when they are shooting at me and unloading an entire clip. I know, because I can stand right in front of scab gunners with my force shield deflection and they’ll unload into me.

These are all valid issues and they are all core systems that should be working - perfectly.

The issue isn’t so much that it’s broken at launch - this is FS after all - but that there seems to be some kind of general feeling that “wait and see! It’ll get better!” beginning to overlay the whole thing. This “Wait and see” attitude battered VT2 reputation and playing experience to the point it was often seeing less concurrent players than L4D2.

Now I know this is how many games work and if you look at a high profile games launch (Cyberpunk 2077) it was launched in December and the following April saw the first real patch that changes many things. It had something like 8k words in the patch notes though, made massive improvements and generally got the game to the position it should’ve been in at launch…

And thats a monster company which took almost 6 months to get the game anywhere close to how it should’ve been.

Fatshark is not as big as CDPR, so I have a horribly feeling it’ll be 6 months before crafting is even in the game, let alone whether it’ll be any good or not (I suspect it’ll be another massive load of RNG to roll stats, ultimately maknig it virtually impossible to even figure out how to get a decent weapon without some kind of third-party spreadsheet of ExcelHell™ to pile through.)

And each patch will royally f*ck stability.

Back to topic. Comms has always been rubbish from FS. Always. Go check out the launch of Bogenhafen DLC on Reddit to see exasctly how diabolical the reactions can be to the slightest slip from… anyone at FS.

I do not blame them one bit for their reticence, BUT… more frequent and well rounded/better written/ better thought out updates would go a long way to making the ride a little less rough for all involved.

As for Hedge and Aqshy, I don’t know for sure but I suspect they’re virtually bound and gagged as to what they can and can’t say as FS have been caught out so many times for saying one thing and doing another, that it’s probably almost impossible for them to work effectively as they’re constantly trying not to put their foot in it and no matter what they do some tiny comment somewhere will go off like a custard bomb.


fatshark are clowns
they were clowns when people criticized vermintide 2 as well

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It behaves exactly like it says? You can get shot while dodging too and there is certainly 0 chance they meant dodging and sliding to be a 100% dmg mitigation technique to ranged fire.

I haven’t particularly noticed this but I’ll keep an eye out. I’ve definitely noticed it working on diffs 1-4.

Gunners don’t have a melee.

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It’s an i-frame… It is supposed to let us avoid gunfire and close the distance, but the reality is that you can get staggered throughout the entire part of it… Beginning, middle, end… Doesn’t matter.

No, it doesn’t work on any difficulty, the main thing is just that on lower difficulties stuff dies too fast for you to really notice.

Every mob has melee and every mob is supposed to swap to melee. There are some mobs which are supposed to be more prone to running away, but that isn’t working properly either - Dreg Shotgunners & Gunners are prime examples of mobs that should run away, but has this tendency to rather shoot you full of holes in melee, swap to melee when you’re out of melee range. Scab Gunners which should always swap to melee blatantly don’t. Their melee always start with a melee attack with the stock of their rifles - however, they will most of the time just stand and shoot you. Dregs seem to work… The majority of the time.

These things are not functional. They should have been functional.

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Why would it work like that and what gives you the impression it should?

Are you using weapons with the Collateral modifier?

Gunners literally do not have a melee weapon. Neither do Reapers. It is pretty clear it’s intended to be that way.


This was how it worked before the Devs in their infinite wisdom decided to add a stagger to range. So, yes, it should work like that.

Staffs have that built into all their attacks so yes, and no whether it sends them into a panic is a mix. It’ll work on occasion, but most often it does not. Most often they’ll just stand in the damn middle and shoot. I suspect, because they can’t always find cover.
Go into the desert map, there are plenty of areas where you can see how little it actually works and how often they will flat out ignore suppression.

They will literally hit you with the stock of their weapons and reapers will punch you - that’s what’s called: Melee. They are not defenseless in melee, they never were.

I don’t get why you continue to argue about this… Anyone playing Damnation can confirm none of this works as it should. Why do you think Zealots and Ogryn’s have such problems on Damnation difficulty? They would have far less issues if these things were working as intended.


The thing is as well, Fatshark clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to gameplay loop and such, it’s a very fun game (with a few rough edges that’ll be worked upon no doubt) but I feel as if all the intentional addition of RNG factors to progression and loot, along with missions and such of what you can select, choose and pick, all of those factors are heavily hampering what would probably be the best W40k Shooter around next to Hired Gun.


The sliding mechanic doesn’t sound like it’s unfinished though. It sounds like you just don’t like it’s implementation.

I’ll have to explore the suppression mechanic a bit deeper so I’ll defer to you here. But this sounds like a far cry from completely broken.

I really feel like gunners shooting the crap out of you in close range is a design/balance decision. Similar to how the gunners worked in VT2.

To bring it back to the original discussion, I’ve updated my unfinished items list to:

  1. Crafting → which was noted ahead of time
  2. Performance/Bugs → reality of complex software, they’ve shown competency in resolving many issues
  3. Missing promotional weapons → Addressed by Fatshark
    4. Potential issue with suppression in large open areas. → I think suppression definitely has some bugs. Fair game

Regardless of the state of the game, it should be pretty uncontroversial to say that you should not be abusive and toxic with your criticism. It is even more embarrassing when you consider the context of it all.


Again about the Hedge comment.
It was one comment. The others don’t even seem bad. You guys really need to let it go.
Imagine being this upset over a bit of snarky banter (as a reaction to extremely rude commentary in the first place, to boot).

Nevertheless, good find on that weapon modification info and it’s source. It sounded really dope and I hope we do get something along those lines in 2023.

To iterate - As an example how it should normally work, the reaction of enemies after being shot at by a Bolter is very telling.
When you shoot someone with a Bolter, every enemy within a certain range of the impact or the firing line will suddenly flinch, shortly stand there in shock before assuming their idle pose again to continue their attack.

Not sure if this is a different effect, but I thought this is the suppression in effect.


It’s supposed to be flinch, flee and find cover… As you see in the tutorial when you shoot - they flinch and then find cover, but on far too many occasions they don’t necessarily flinch and they don’t find cover.

It works perfectly in Meat Grinder with any weapon which is hilarious. Different reality outside of Meat Grinder tho.


Thing is that some weapons have a stat called “Collateral” which is increase the amount of suppression you do afaik. Which implies some weapons deal less suppression and others more. By design it’s not supposed to work 100% of the time, you are supposed to use specialized weapons for it.

it feels bad, I agree. But that’s the design intent, so them not reacting is the game working properly.

I use staffs, all staffs have an area in which they suppress with their Blaze bolt about 5m and purgatus has 10-20m area. The problem is not whether all weapons suppress, the problem is that the weapons that do suppress are not consistent in their suppression and I can tell from the usage of these staffs that they just don’t do it consistently.