Community Update #5: Week 2

I mean this right there is a fundamental design error. The game may be pretty, the combat may feel fluent and exciting - but there is essentially no real reward mechanic in the game. How was this not recognized as a major problem prior to launch? It really amazes me how one of the core design elements of a video game was essentially forgotten about. Or maybe this sad excuse for an item store and the asinine RNG surrounding all non-combat aspects of the game is supposed to be what keeps people interested? If so, please fire the person that came up with this idea.


That is for sure the case. Maybe not about the target audience being only WH40 Casuals, but definitely about constant comparision to Vermintide. DT is not a vermintide in WH40K.
I know that many underlying systems are better tuned for players in VT2, and they could have copied them here. They did not due do differnt reasons, some reasonable, many dubious. Still I would prefer we focus on giving them a proper feedback for changes we want, instead of a list of complaints.
This isn’t about defending FS mind you, it is more about realistically looking at what produces desired effects.

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To be fair, there are many, many - sometimes quite well articulated - threads here and elsewhere with very specific suggestions regarding needed changes to the game. So far we have gotten…well, zero feedback on any of it. So either FS is silently collecting feedback to eventually come out with some concrete and sweeping changes, or they are committed to whatever their vision for this game is and we are stuck with it. Hard to tell at this point.

What I can say is that I have stopped playing, as has the rest of my “Vermintide” crew. And according to the steam charts, so have about 50% of day 1 players. Granted, some of these may have just wanted to try the game and refunded, or couldn’t run it on their systems. Still, a 50% drop is a 50% drop (in a week, mind you).


What I can say is that I have stopped playing, as has the rest of my “Vermintide” crew. And according to the steam charts, so have about 50% of day 1 players.

That’s extremely common for game launches. At least half of players drop off within a month in the vast majority of releases. VT2 had a curve even worse than that.

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That is all fair and I think all players who were also playing Beta, would love to see some more content already. Definitely better/more rewarding loot drops would not hurt either.
Still there are also many threads, for example about wpns and balance, where ppl did not even try the other weapons, their specials, combos etc., simply learned how to use them and shout for balance sweeps. Or just straight comparing situation of melee wpns to Vermintide, which I beleive is a wrong take on things, considering we have more tools to use now (ranged/more nades, much shorter ability cooldowns, etc.).
In short ppl tend to take very specific part or element of DT for revision, without looking at it more holistically.
Aside from that, trust me I know DT’s shortcomings very well, I try to do my best to provide feedback and simply know it takes time to change things.
I sincerly hope the game is in a better state in 2 months form now and you will be willing to give it another shot.

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I think part of that is burn-out from pre-order beta players. That doesn’t invalidate any point made about player drop off though.

That is most likely true, but, Vermintide 2 had a similar curve (check graph in post below).

Vermintide 2 also had a lot of the same issues. Loads of technical issues and a hard time incentivising people to keep playing the game after they had gone through all maps on recruit/veteran difficulty. A part of that is also that FS didn’t deliver on promises and that the technical issues took a lot of development time away from what they had planned.

I honestly don’t even know what this sentence means. How exactly would you say I’m “gatekeeping the behaviour?”

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It is … beautiful.
The epitome of contemporary internet forum exchanges disillusions.

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This right here is exactly it. I don’t understand what you mean by the difference between complaints and feedback when the “complaints” made by me and many others have been very specific suggestions for feedback. Is your issue with our tone? Do you feel like we’re asking for too much? Repeating ourselves? What are we to do when the vast majority of us are in agreement about what we dislike but Fatshark has yet to make a comment on our concerns.


Ok, yeah I agree those are unreasonable complaints. But those kinds of “BUFF ZEALOT!!1!1” “THUNDER HAMMER TOO WEAK” “PSYKER UNPLAYABLE” complaints are mostly on Reddit or the gameplay suggestions category here.

Do you really see anyone mentioning those things in this thread??

Game was delayed for a year - take as much time as you need
Game was delayed again - hopefully they need to iron out some bugs
Game releases - Everything outside of gameplay is a massive let down and outright detriment to players.
Thought V2’s blowback on crafting would have been enough but guess not.


Yes, this thread has 300 replies and if you come back a bit you will see, complaints about pennances, scorebords and balance.
Additionally evey 4th thread is referring to Vermintide in one way or another, not all of them about what was good and where FS apply previous learnings, but also what ppl like personally, not considering it may not be the best for DT.
Also I mentioned “many threads”, not this specific one, here it seems to be a more civilised than some.
And there is a clear difference between suggestions backed up by reasoning and on the whim demands, c’mon you know it.

That is all fair, but many ppl have issues with topics that were addressed in this update, like shop, solo/private play, shared resources and couple of others.
I know some of these responses are too vague for us to see what they are planning to do with it, but at least we know there is some attention there.
There is another page(s) of concerns, of course, but FS will not conjure answers for us if they don’t have it yet will they.
I personally may be most interested in improved rewards and any news on the “seasonal approch”, expecting addtional content, others are interested in other things.
Do we really expect them to make a list of questions from the entire forum and give an update on all of them at once ?

The start of the week is almost over and still no patch.

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We’re almost halfway through december and haven’t gotten any new crafting features yet, doesn’t look like they’ll get them all in this year.


That’s a great question from my part as well, “This is a sizable endeavor, and its feasibility is still unknown”, the working resource / item sharing is there in VT2, why is it so hard to achieve “feasibility”


… do you not realise that sentence does not mean “at the start of next week”? It just means at some point this week that feature will become available.

Honestly I don’t really like the whole shooty shoot. Vermintide was unique with melee being the focus with supplemental ranged. Wish it stayed that way. I mean how many games out there have firearms? A million. How many have an in-depth melee system while also being a cooperative fps with skill based gameplay? Not that many. Vermintide was a niche but an interesting one nonetheless. Anyways agree with your post whole heartedly.


@Aqshy just remove the cash shop entirely, or halt development on it. There are features that are vastly more important than squeezing an extra 20-30 bucks out of everyone’s pockets that are missing from this early access release.

Why even have separate character slots? Just give everyone the ability to fully customize each class at any point, it’s an easy solution to a problem y’all made up for yourselves after Vermintide 2 handled it so well.


Wednesday, December 14.

If you really wanted to know then you would actually search for some info around when the patch is coming instead of asking her when lmao