Mission difficulty ninja adjustments?

Is it me just being a scrub or FS adjusted (increased) mission difficulty?
I usually play on herecy and today new regular mission felt like pre-patch “high intencity” and high intencity difficulty was just impossible to complete with MM group.
Any one else had similar expirience?

My sample size is 2 damnation games and a H game but if anything it’s been easier minus the random lag I’m now getting.

Main pain point is the broken skill for zealot making the knife less optimal but it’s kinda balanced out by being able to run mercy kill with lacerate.

The Director can be rolled with wildly different modifiers from game to game. It probably just rolled the harder end for you and your team.

Today I played a HI Damnation map and it was pretty chill compared to the normal heresy map I ran for tomes. The director kept spawning specials constantly. It happens from time to time.

Dogs are still a joke that’s all I know lol

Wish this was the case but its not. Right after patch did double grim high intensity damnation and it was pretty easy overall. They made so many buffs that the game itself is easier. We REALLY need harder content more then ever now.


I have an exact opposite experience. Today’s damnation runs were almost all smooth sailings.
I find T4 to be more difficult and unpredictable than T5 because you usualy have to deal with 3 more obstacles - the teammates.


Throneside comms-plex is still a Dreg gunner circus regardless of difficulty and conditions.

It’s likely easier since higher tier stuff is dropping like candy now…
EXCEPT you may be seeing a lot more malice and heresy players jumping to to damnation for extra materials, which are basically quadrupled.
My experience varied wildly even on normal intensity today, and it seemed more like a human-caused difficulty adjustment.

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Another factor I just considered is that it’s also more likely people are actually trying builds, swapping things out, and experimenting more.

Now that people can re-bless items they may be running some more funky setups just to give them a try vs the safer options.

I know personally I’m giving both the thunder hammer, maul, and shotguns another crack now that I can actually tune them and nudge them a direction. As a result you get a lot of people trying to get familiar with new weapons and how they work on damnation.

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True, except I’m seeing a sharp uptake of people using the standard “good” weapons and playing like it’s malice. It’s…confusing.
No nade tossing when needed, medicrates 3m from med station, running off to die etc etc.; the usual stuff except now more common in Damnation.

There is a always a certain level of “randomness” and difficulty spikes due to the way the game director system works. It is possible Fatshark were tweeking certain event areas as I saw elites spawns in some of them more often.

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