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Did they make Heresy tougher since this past update? Before the update I enjoyed running Heresy finding that it was challenging and fun but now since this update it seems even tougher. Its seems that 90% of those missions the groups am in are just failing them and its getting frustrating. Is anyone else experiencing this as well?

They reworked the director.

Personally I can’t tell when a map has a Shock Trooper modifier anymore. After a certain point it’s wave after wave of incapacitators.


Yes essentially. They nerfed weapons and talents, buffed some enemies and ramped up difficulty in higher levels, as well as decreased health station/kit options. People were having way too much fun and that could absolutely not be tolerated.


Most of us actually have more fun when things are chaotic and challenging. Pretty weird that you’d find it more fun to fight less things TBH.


they changed how the AI director spawns enemies which sometimes goes into overdrive for no explained reason. that said, most of the time when a mission goes south i notice in the post-game screen that 2-3 of the people on my team wore console failures and could not play for beans. keep a closer eye on your teammates and figure out if it’s your allies or enemies giving you the hard time.

Please stop assuming what other people think.
While i do like the ultra chaotic and challenging run from time to time, i do not like it when i am trying to do my weeklys or testing out a new weapon or build.
I should be able to choose which kind of experience i want and that was possible before the patch.
Want a challenge and chaos? High-Itensity Shocktrooper Gauntlet it is!
Want a normal mission with only regular challenge? No modifiers it is!
Yesterday i played a warmup Heresy mission without modifiers and the game spawned 54 disablers and 43 specials in 27 minutes!
I followed it up with a damnation mission without modifiers and i got 52 disablers and 45 specials in 29 and a bit minutes.
These numbers are ludacris! The heresy mission felt like damnation shocktroop gauntlet because the other players were simply overwhelmed by the number of specials. And that all for 200 plaststeel (because there was no time to look around)!
This change really sucks the fun out of the game if you are only playing pub games, because we need at least some way to easier farm up some resources and stuff for the weeklys.
And before somebody asks, i did do a malice mission to compare. Half the number of specials and disablers compared to the other two missions, no harder parts at all (took like 10 damage).
This difference in difficulty is simply too much imho.


I agree, the director has now way more impact on the difficulty of the mission than the mission modifiers themselves.

I ran low intensity missions that turned out to be way more difficult than high intensity ones. It’s kinda whacky.


Its unfair for newer players!
How can anybody expect them to deal with that immense ramp up in difficulty?
Going up a difficulty in Vermintide did not simply double the amount of specials on top of the rest of the increases.
In the heresy mission i talked about i had something like 7 revives and 4 liberates.

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I did have a fun experience on a quickplay heresy mission (might have been wave of specials? I couldn’t kn ow. But it was low intensity) where the team died at the end of the pillar section in Torrent after spending over 5 minutes in there; I pushed off 4 pox bursters in a row, then got missed by one due to a charging mutant, then got hit by two more and fell at the entrance door - the team took a while to pick me up because there was also 2 trappers and 2 waves of flamers. The rest of the pillar was a roughly equal share each of shooters, gunners, and specials. I personally don’t mind a lot of action in waves (I very much prefer waves, I usually don’t play Auric high intensity because it gets tedious after 15 minutes of non-stop fighting), but I’ve found most teams in Heresy are utterly overwhelmed by the mob frequency. It’s ok if I pick everyone back up once or twice, but overall, trying to finish diff 4 missions is usually not more reliable than diff 5 due to the skill of players involved.
That was always the case, though; Coming back after a long hiatus, goting from malice to heresy was a BIG step. Going from Heresy to Damnation was exhilarating, but a smooth experience with more capable teammates and followed by the amazement that I actually got something out of it.
Diff 4 is where some people peak, and its what some people play for a relaxing game, and I do believe that it should cater to those demographics - and currently doesn’t.

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Play low int friendos.

Thank god the I’m-too-good-to-read brigade has arrived.


You sure you’re not mixing hi-int and normal missions of the same tier?
Hi-int is nearly +1 tier difficulty (and hi-stg is over +1).

Imo the problem is lower difficulties are easy even for people who don’t play video games much, than spike happens. Same problem was in V2. They should tweak difficulty curve and adjust plasteel&diamantine ammounts on maps.

I only play damnation and the difference absolutely obvious even staying in the same difficulty.


They fked up again. Difficulty scales too much and never goes back.
Psyker isn’t even able to pull out the right damage anymore, not becouse of the bugged talent, but becouse the surge staff now aims randomly between body parts.
Enemy waves are just too much, and there is no more the possibility to “farm”.

Game is just no more funny, no more rewarding, it’s pretty much the same as it came out an year ago. Player base drastically decreased, now it will die literally.

GG BugShark.


So, you enjoying playing fatshark forums instead of games?

It takes some commitment to return to forums in a year just to post some “game ded” posts. It also kinda disproves your entire point in extremely natural and effortless way, but whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Do i realy have to spell it out for you?
Well, here i go.
What we try to say is that these kinds of spawns and difficulty spikes are ok for maelstrom and auric missions.
Especially for auric missions, because they are gated and you activly have to choose them!
What is not ok is that, if you want to try out a new weapon, build or meme on a normal heresy mission and join a pub game, get paired with a level 25, 27 and 35 (true level mod) player (who are perfectly fine in trying heresy!) and then the game decides to throw this kind of garbage at you!


Here on the forum maybe - but for the playerbase as a whole doubtable. Since malice still seems to be the most played difficulty. Though can’t find the source for this anymore.

I personally am quite annoyed that since patch 13 there is always a melee enemy at your back. It would be fun to be able to shoot more then once or tweicve before having to melee again as vet. I enjoy melee as a zealot or ogryn. But as psyker or vet I prefer ranged. The game used to allow these playstyles but not anymore. For me this sucks. For those who like it that way there are auric maelstrom mission where they can have all the chaos they want. Up to regular damnation I’d prefer the pre patch 13 spawn behaviour.

I think it would actually be a good idea if on non-auric-borad T3, T4 and T5 had always a LI Mission on, but this isn’t the case. Furthermore - High intensity should be more difficult then regular, they shouldn’t be equally demanding. Otherwise one wouldn’t need them.


Either on purpose or accidentally FS has over tuned T4/T5 again. If you want what apparently “Most of us” claim to want then that’s why they added Auric missions. FS needs a good mix for all players, not just what the vocal minority sweaty try hards demand for All of us.


If you find a difficulty too hard, you can always choose an easier one. In OP’s case, if heresy is too hard now, then just pick malice.

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