Heresy level

I just finished a LOW intensity mission (the one where at the end you have to align the parabolic disc) that had swaths of heavy gunners from the beginning to the end.

It spawned a Demonhost before the bridge, a Nargul Beast at the end of the bridge, 4 minutes after the NB a Plague Ogryn appeared, then it was another Demonhost with a sniper that kept walking around it, and a continuos torrent of disablers up until the final arena where the amount of gunners was innumerable and we risked a wipe 3 times.

EDIT: I just did the same mission without modifiers and had 0 monstrosities, 0 demonhosts, far less gunners, and far less disablers…


did you check it in-game? because i’ve had a few missions where i would join a specific mission, and for some reason get sent to a different version of that mission with different modifiers and only noticed because i paused and checked for that out of annoyance.

I never even care to read when I quickjoin. I tabbed expressely to check because of the absurdity.

We were drowning in meds and ammo before to the point of making the game trivial. I welcome these changes. The missions are more fun now. The crafting is still garbage, and my gear blows, but I can’t be arsed to make better.

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I play like maybe 10-20 games a week of the sweatiest content I can find and before the update I would clear 80% of my hiint stg.
Now it’s like 20%
For me this is great and I don’t want it ever swapped back.
That said if it’s like that for all difficulties it’s probably not good for people playing for the first time and leveling up.

It is like that starting at diff 4, and irrespective of modiers. Granted, not every time.
I just had a very entertaining (because the team was very good and synergistic) Heresy mission (the train assassination one) where after a blob of gunners, shotgunners and shooters coming down the stairs, there was a conga line of 15+ shotgunners forming a human centipede running down the stairs, then one of them fired a single shot before they all decided they’d rather engage in melee.
Also seen a low intensity hunting ground mission with barely any hounds, but in one section about 5% of enemies were tox flamers and outside of a horde there were basically no non-ranged enemies.
I dunno, over the course of a mission or 2, the average is quite ok, probably more so on 5 than 4, but within a map section, it is frequently ridiculously absurd.
5+ of the same special, at once, feels less like it’s supposed to be difficult and more like the AI director gut hung up on something. :man_shrugging: Just like specials spawning in the open 10 meters from you is not any more difficult than if they spawned behind the next pillar, but it still feels off. I can live with it, but it leaves a rather large gap between diff 3 and 4, and I assume for a lot of players that is a big deal.

@FatsharkCatfish is this intended? Have you guys ramped up T4/5 way too much for most people. Progression is fine but it should be an even curve up. It’s good that Auric and Maelstrom exists for the more hard core people but as is lots of missions are failing, wasting peoples time and turning people off. Was this FS intent?

They didn’t “ramp up” anything, it’s just a consequence of the director being tweaked.

I have experience T4 low intensity runs much more difficult than auric T5 hi-int special gauntlet ones.

Not to mention the thing that makes or breakes difficulty is the party composition and experience. That’s why auric is usually easier than normal.

All i see, the game was very fun, the game isn’t any more because medium difficulty are just insane. Even with a team on a vocal and not to bad players, we won only 5 missions in a day of game. That’s just not funy at all.

I like the changes.


I was just speaking to the combat devs about this! It will be addressed in a future patch


Can't deal with it

Please promise us Auric Maelstrom will remain unchanged.

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Please leave it as it is, the game is much better, if people find heresy and damnation too hard, they can always play malice or lower…

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Auric is for the higher difficulty. If you want difficulty go auric and let the other people have fun.

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Auric is definetly easier than non-auric, simply because you’ll find more competent teammates on average.

You’ll have more modifiers, but the director screws everything up anyway and I have experience multiple low intensity maps being way more difficult than high intensity Shock Troop ones.

ATM I play Auric simply to have an easier time.

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I thought I was somehow accidentally playing Auric today. Multiple waves of mutants, hounds, bursters, trappers and flamers all converging whilst you’re fighting a Monstrocity. Last match this happened on was Malice as I was helping a friend level. MALICE! We died in a room with a horde, at least two flamers, 3+ mutants and several hounds, a Chaos Spawn, and the odd Burster enlivening proceedings with lots of green and red everywhere. It was brutal and came on top of multiple defeats at Heresy and few successes.

Whatever has been changed is not just affecting Heresy and Damnation, and even though I was on my high-power level Veteran, I took damage like crazy; even when trying to keep toughness up with Voice of Command and marking for Focus Target! it was not enough.

I hope they review the changes and tweak it promptly, because I’ve gone from happily romping through Heresy and having a good giggle to getting wrecked along with the team effectively overnight.

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No it’s not - want challenge? Go auric. Making non auric games harder was uncalled for and reduces fun for all those who don’t play for challenge alone. Which are more people than you might think.
And with anything but damnation barely giving any ressources you can keep your „go malice“ advices to yourself thank you.


Thank you for looking into this!

Personally, it feels like the specials are more common now than even the poxwalkers are at this point. And that’s even without mission modifiers like STG or Hi-Int.

Honestly I have not noticed a difference in the difficulty since like before patch 11 or something. I still play Heresy pretty easily on any class.