Missing store points for DLC Xbox one account

I am currently missing store points in the game for Vermintide 2 on the xbox one DLC purchases, 4 of them in total and each one is 750 and i think it gave me few extra 750’s as well i will list them here in total are 4: !)Shadows over Borgenhafen 2) Premium edition 3) Back to Uberseik and 4) the Holy Grail knight DLC as well… I purchased the ULtimate Edition on the xbox store live, the game stated it gave me them but was not recieved, please advise… i need support to reach out so i can give you guys my gamertag on xbox to verify everything… i don’t want to list it in a public forum…

Thank you for letting us know. This is a known issue, and our Console Developers are working on a solution.

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