Missing QOL Mechanics: Map/difficulty choice, mission rewards, gear progression, camping store, no weapon crafting, hideous contracts, no shared gear/currency, horrible penances

Where to even start… How much backwards you can go from previous game Fatshark? Or how twisted your perception of our feedback is if you totally misunderstood why we like Chaos Wastes cosidering how you put it in Darktide.

  1. So, maps. Having people camping Terminal in hope of getting ONE difficulty 4 or 5 mission (sometimes the same one over and over again) is not fun. It’s hidous, frustarting, tiring. If someone is level 30 with leveled up gear: he doesn’t want to play missions on Diff 1-2. It’s like playing with cheats. You just rush throuh map, click and everything dies. Craft mats on lower difficulties are not high enough. Why we can’t choose map and difficulty? I know you wanted to put Chaos Wastes mechanic, but have we ever told you in our feedback, that we want to do it in exchange of not being able to chose maps and diffuclties anymore? Maps with random modifers, random effects and missions is fine. But then there should be SECOND terminal where I can just chose mission I want to play and difficulty? What for? For variety, I am tired of playing same 3-4 maps, I want to play couple games at X map maybe becasue I like it. It’s horrible. Sometimes there is no Diff 4-5 map so me and my friends just… don’t play game till it shows. Its boring to go lower, ESPECIALLY with pre-made.

  2. Speaking of camping terminal: Camping RNG store. Fatshark, for gods sake, have you ever tested your own gear progression? People are camping store, log in, log out every 60 min or AFK in hope they can get a weapon they want to try. My wife who is Psyker was watching “The Irishman” (3,5 hour movie) and only was logging in to check after refresh if she got Surge Staff becaue of course your RNG store is feeding her with Autoguns and Lasguns, while she has NOT INTENTION of using guns for Space Wizard. What the hell? That’s what you call gameplay? Camping store in hope RNG will bless me with a weapon I want to try, not same ones I hav been using for last 30 hours? Have you ever considered how it will make playerbase die once hype will die off.

Wanna go play with Force Sword and Surge Staff on Baross on Diff 4?

Sorry, you can’t. Best I can do in Store for next 5 hours is knife, autogun and some other maps on diff 1-3, one on 5. How about that?

Guess… I log out.

This is not how it should look like. The Chaos Waste formula was supposed to be addition, extra to spice up. But chosing map and difficulty is like a BASIC FEATURE games like that should have. L4D, Killing Floor, Vermintide etc. Can you imagine those games where you log in and it’s only maps and modes you don’t like? Who would play them for long? We told you we liked Chaos Wastes becasue we wanted it to be in base game. But we didn’t tell you to remove map/difficulty choosing! Why did you take our feedback in such strange way?

  1. And speaking of chosing missions: Where are mission rewards? How do you want to make people want to play mission after reaching level 30 if they don’t get any reward from it and their gear progression is tied only to RNG store. Diff 1-2 should always give you green, Diff 3 should always give you blue, Diff 4 should always give you purple, Diff 5 should give you 2 purple or 1 master-work. Emperor Gift is a joke. My wife did 5 mission and she got ONE gift… autogun. On Psyker. Enough said.

  2. No Weapon Crafting: if you want RNG store for some bizzare reason to remain in current form we need weapon crafting so we can at least craft white weapons we want. This way we can chase stat rolls on white weapons and use your Consecration mechnics to then work on them to make them our perfect min-maxed weapons. This would also make more sense to run missions for crafting parts to keep rolling that weapon crafting. There is no progression here. Even if you will add all other options to current crafting, we will still have to rely on RNG store to get weapons to work with, hence point no. 2 issue WON’T CHANGE.

  3. Contracts. My Gosh. 25 missions, hideous. 6/3 secondary COMPLETE objectives on one map… hideous! The amount of toxicity is if someone dies on last objective and lose grim/script is insanse. Especially if map that contract is for IS NOT EVEN ON TERMINAL, check point no. 1!! It’s not good design. Who though of that? Who tested that? Who approved that? What about having multiple characters? Have you thought about absolute cluster that is trying to make contracts in week for more than one character?

  4. Which leads to next point: Who the hell thought having currencies/weapons being character bound and not account-bound is great idea? When I play my Veteran and I see the absolute PERFECT rolled axe for my Zealot and I can’t equip it on Zealot despite the fact that they share the same weapon type: it’s just frustrating. Why do we have to grind mats and currency for every character. If I do 10 missions a day, why does it matter to you if I will do 5 on each character vs 10 for both? There is no reason for that. It worked so well in Vermintide 2. IT WORKED SO WELL. Why make it workse. Why there is many regress vs your previous game?

  5. Penances. You know how horrible, toxic, anti co-op and frustating they are. I will leave this reddit post to let you know how much as It’s been said during beta multiple times why many penances are just straight up toxic: https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkTide/comments/zbhfbh/i_just_finished_heavyweight_champion_and_it_made/. Maybe you don’t want peopleto get cosmetics too easy becasue cash shop, eh? Who knows with how you treated us with your online premium store. Who knows.

Fatshark, with how much your tried to FORCE us to play your game with lack of QOL basic mechanic, bizzare design choices and RNG fest, instead of ENCOURAGING us to play your game with lot of options for different players, smart designs made for players convience, rewarding gameplay with nice dopamine boost at the end and clear goals to chose and chase while having fun: if you don’t start to rework those this game will dry very very fast. People already have no idea what to do once they are at level 30. Already. They can’t even play how they want becasue everything, even maps and difficulties is RNG. This is not recipe for good co-op game.


Hi! Unfortunately i couldnt agree with you more even if i wanted to, and that is on every single point, maybe except penance, which i give little sheet about.

Map selection is a huge spot on. I cant play what i want, on difficulty i want. Most of the time, i find myself standing by terminal, waiting for a specific map to show on heresy. I alt tab and do something else meanwhile, same goes with weapon shop, mostly it takes 3 hours (3 weapon rolls) and more, until i get an option of a weapon i seek, while being so underwhelming statswise…

I wont even start about crafting, seeing “open soon…” after a full game release just nailed it…

Doing contracts is very grindy, and most of the times absolutely useless, when occasionally a weapon appears that might be worth the effort… but it dissapears before you manage to even grind up 1800 for it… unless ofc you do have grindup savings from previous weeks.

Fact that you have to grind up for each class individually is a joke, you are better off playing just one class, which gets reppetitive fast.

Game is fun imo, but everything else around it is getting more and more frustrating, by every single hour i put into it.

I also would like to see how many maps are actually in rotation, as im suspisious we are still missing some. Give me please access to everything i paid 59e for.


Very well post and i do agree with all of the points.

In the beta i thought the missions on the table were only this way to test it as the search for bug´s.
But as i have seen this is the released game …

We all have a voice, sadly i don´t think they will listen to us.
I said often enough, what i think why the framwork is build this way …

If someone have told me the game is like this, i would think he is joking …

Benny you’ve been the most productive member on this website by compiling our feedback both pre-“beta” and now. Sadly, I don’t think Fatshark really cares, or is even listening. After the game left pre-“beta” we didn’t get any of our legitimate concerns from this forum acknowledged.


Thanks. I love the game as it’s core. I just try to make better. I have some comfort in that at least I did what I could.


A shame they don’t seem to care since the same has been told since the first beta.

Yeah, the mission selection is super horrible if you want to play on a specific difficulty. I wish they would just do a Deep Rock style and give you a selection of missions and then you can just set the difficulty you want to play on.

With map selection, I get what FS is going for, theme/lore wise, but it’s not very fun to have periods of time when there are no missions available you want to run. Player agency is important.

I think a good compromise would be for the mission terminal to remove the difficulty and let us choose it. So there would be maybe 5-8 missions with modifiers, and we would select one of the missions and then choose the difficulty.

For the store, again I get the theme/lore, but it’s just not fun. I had a level 12 character without equipment. Never got one for sale until 12th level. Also just checked the store with my Vet, 3 auto pistols.

Lore wise we shouldn’t be able to ‘craft’ wargear, that’s what Forge Worlds are for. However there’s no reason we can’t have a white version of every single piece of wargear available to purchase at all times. Just make a second menu in the shop. One for at least one of ever white gear, and one for RNG gear.

No lore will make game last if it’s not fun. Lore its only cool if game is fun as additional “cool” factor (like easter eggs, cameos etc.). If game is not fun, nobody will stay for lore long eough. Games should first be fun. If you are making entertaining product and you can’t find compromise then fun > lore. That’s just how it works. Perfect solution would be lore = fun but we all know it doesn’t work like that for many parts.

Just trying to come up with lore friendly suggestions to fix the issues.

If you just want to complain here, that’s cool too.

Becasue I don’t belive even for a second they did it out of lore reasons. Not Fatshark.

I too would love to not give a damn about penances but seeing as a lot of them are heresy based people are actively ruining my regular games trying to get them.

That’s the fun part with FS. They removed us the end game stat screen THAT WAS TOTALLY FINE AND RELEVANT because -they say- it was making people toxic. Right.

Then they add f****** objectives that go directly against team play and social cohesion. How dumb do they have to be?

Like it wasn’t done and reported as wrong in 20 games in the past recent years already.

By the way give me back my damn FP view in the lobby, I don’t want to see my badly animated and downgraded looking avatar, I don’t want to move it awkwardly as is. Give me back my immersion.

Nice lobby also by the way. Couldn’t make it duller even if they tried.

Guess we know where all the “hard” work went these past 3-4 years. Breaking all the mechanics and ideas that were working well in V2 to give us downgraded alternatives nobody asked for.
Could have use the time to release an actual polished game with strong content hè? Can’t even nail their game menus right for god sake.

F****** genius. Takes real mastery to f**** up its third game to this extend.

I have more than 3 k hrs in both v2 games but I got bored after 20 hrs in darktide, because of exactly those reasons and maybe because I am crashing pretty much every single game. Also knowing FS if they actually decide to make their game better and fix all those problems it will take them a year or more, so yea maybe in a year this game will be somehow close to vermintide 2.